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10 Halloween costumes from ParentMap's 2010 costume contest

Published on: November 18, 2010

This year's ParentMap Flickr Halloween costume contest was so much fun! It was fantastic to see all of the cute and creative ideas that these little trick-or-treaters had in store and we couldn't help but share!

ParentMap will be holding Flickr photo contests regularly throughout the year. Check out our Flickr group pool and become a member to participate in future photo contests. All contest rules and details can be found on our Facebook page while they are taking place. And though winners are chosen at random, many will be featured here on our site for readers to enjoy!

ParentMap's 2010 Halloween costume contest winners

And the winners are...

The (Frog) Princess and the Pea

The (Frog) Princess and the Pea from lovefromtheNW. Congratulations!

James Bond Halloween costume

A handsome young James Bond from Drexeldeb. Congratulations!

Other Halloween costumes we absolutely loved...

Spiderman and the princess Halloween Costumes

Spiderman protecting the beautiful princess, by egerdahl.

Bunny Halloween costume

Cutest baby bunny on the block! Compliments of Kelseycake.

Zebra Halloween costume

Our favorite little zebra, from Christinadcuenca.

Mummy Halloween costumes for the whole family

A whole family of mummies! By CatinanApron.

Little horse Halloween costume

Adorable little pony costume, by lisarenee007.

Amazon Fresh employee Halloween costume

The youngest Amazon Fresh employee! By Kelseycake.

Little chicken Halloween costume

Cutest little chick in the coop, by JoesHottie.

Greaser Halloween costumes

A greaser with his mama, by CatinanApron.

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