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The editors at ParentMap are immensely lucky to be connected to an amazing universe of smart people who know an awful lot of cool things, and we grow incrementally better as parents through these associations. As 2013 gets underway, we asked some of our frequent contributors to share simple but powerful ideas to help parents create new healthy habits for the new year.

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When we asked Seattle Mama Doc for her top health habit for 2013, we were surprised and delighted that her answer was nothing like traditional pediatric health advice. “I'd suggest you make it a habit (and I mean daily) to practice gratitude — exercise it, make note of it, talk about it,” she wrote.  

She’s blogged about how her family, including two children ages 4 and 6, make gratitude a daily part of their life.  “We call it BPOD. At dinner every night we share our Best.Part.Of.Day (BPOD). It's easy and takes little time, therefore the habit stuck. That ease is essential for lasting change. We love it and it's adding to our well being. Being mindful of what we have in our lives — people, experiences, opportunities — has remarkable power.”

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