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14 Easter Crafts for Kids

Jen Betterley

Published on: March 17, 2017

Egg carton chicksEgg Carton Chicks

At first glance, we didn't even realize these chicks from Paper, Plate, and Plane were made from individual sections of an egg carton.

With some yellow paint, construction paper, and a marker, your kids can easily re-purpose an old egg carton into these sweet (and "cheep!") Easter critters. Oh, and they'll be plenty hungry too, so be ready to fill 'em up with your favorite mini Easter treats!

Artistic marshmallowsEdible Easter Fun

Meaghan over at The Decorated Cookie features a fantastic walk-through with photos on how to create these Easter marshmallow drawings — and she couldn't make this project look any easier!

Made using edible markers (Meaghan suggests the Americolor gourmet food writers), these creative Easter treats will be entertaining for children to decorate and just as much fun to eat when they're finished. Meaghan recommends using marshmallows for this project as they tend to be the easiest medium, and she includes a step-by-step tutorial for each of the delicious Easter drawings.

Bunny basketUpcycled Bunny Buckets

We can't get enough of this homemade Easter bunny bucket featured on Make and Takes! Made from a recycled container (the one shown is a frosting tub), this bunny bucket only requires a handful of crafting supplies, such as glue, scissors and markers, before it's ready for Easter goody filling.

Make and Takes' Mama Marie recommends planting live Easter grass in the tub rather than going with a store-bought container. It's like a homemade Easter bunny Chia pet!

Easter in a jarEaster in a Jar!

Lilly Cakes features this neat idea for capturing spring inside of a jar, and this couldn't be a better project for Easter! Simply pull a clean jar out of the recycling bin (or use a Mason jar) to house your Easter-esque diorama and ask your little one for help with finding treasured items to put inside.

A great project for young children, this homemade diorama will allow them to consider what spring represents. Check out the full tutorial for neat tips on what you need to get started and how to decorate these adorable Easter jars!

Easter egg snakeSneaky Easter Snakes

What do you do with all of those left over plastic Easter eggs? Consider recycling them into a fun and colorful toy snake like the one shown on Sewing and Crafting with Sarah.

All you'll need to get started is a bag of plastic Easter eggs (the newer ones with small holes punched on both ends), a long cord and (our fave again!) a set of googly eyes. By alternating colors as you string the pieces along, you'll create a slithery rainbow friend that's sure to provide plenty of fun throughout the season. Check out the full tutorial for a step-by-step guide on making these sweet Easter-esque snakes.

Egg holderHold On to Those Eggs!

Zakka Life always has the neatest crafting ideas for young children, and this homemade Easter egg holder is no exception! Save up a couple of discarded toilet paper tubes, pull out your construction paper and you're already well on your way to making your very own cute egg holders.

Check out the full post for a great tutorial with tips and tricks on decorating these recycled holders and to see just how easy this project truly is. All in all, a super quick and easy Easter activity!

Homemade bunny ears hatEveryone Loves Bunny Ears

The big grin on this child's face says it all; bunny ears are always a hit! To make these cute ears as shown, A Bit of This and A Bit of That's Jojo used an elastic band for a comfortable headpiece, and construction paper for the ears.

But who says that bunny ears have to be white? Let your child release their inner Easter creativity and design their fun ears as they see fit... You could bedazzle them, add faux "fur," make them multicolored, and much more. There are plenty of possibilities!

Sock bunniesSock It to Me, Bunny!

How cute are these sock bunnies from Susie Farmgirl? With so many plush bunny friends to choose from at Easter time, we love the idea of making our own out of colorful socks!

Susie explains that the tricky part is separating the toe section to create the ears — and that the fun part is embroidering their little faces on felt and adding embellishments like the mini roses shown. Stuff and sew up your new friends (the plumper, the cuter!), and you've got a fun variety of personalized sock buddies that are ready for plenty of Easter adventures.

Egg chalkEgg-cellent Chalk

Skip to My Lou shares this wonderful idea for making homemade spring chalk in the shape of Easter eggs — and we could not be more egg-cited about this!

OK, OK, but really, we absolutely love this idea and Mom Cindy relays just how easy it is to make homemade chalk in her great walk-through. With only a handful of items needed — including plastic eggs, Plaster of Paris and tempera paint — you too can make homemade chalk for Easter basket goodies, party favors, or for general outdoor playtime fun!

Pipe cleaner puppetsEaster Puppetry

And in more googly eyed fun, we can't get enough of Craft Jr.'s super cute and easy Easter finger puppets.

This excellent tutorial walks you through how to make not one, but four homemade finger puppets — an Easter chick, bunny, spring kitten and a bluebird — by simply using colorful pipe cleaners, mini pom poms and glue. Overall, a fun Easter treat that's sure to continue offering plenty of play once the holiday is finished!

Pin the tail on the bunnyPin the Tail on the... Bunny!

We love Let's Explore's Easter spin on the classic game of pin the tail on the donkey. That is one cute bunny! Simply made with a little bit of sewing and felt, this "pin the tail on the bunny" game only took Mama Amy a total of 15 minutes to make.

The greatest thing about this project is that it can be reused each year or throughout the spring during birthday parties. Just roll it up as the season is coming to an end and take it back out the following year for play. Easy enough!

Bunny maskHop to It!

BKids Crafts shares a super easy tutorial on how to make these adorable bunny masks that we think are a perfect craft for Easter. Simply made, these DIY bunny masks are easy for small hands to work on and only require a couple of items such as card stock, ribbon, colored paper and glue.

Great for imaginative play even after Easter is finished for the year, we have no doubt that your little one will be hopping around like Brer Rabbit in no time! Also be sure to check out the pig mask included in the post for more year-round dress-up fun.

Boiled wool Easter chickQuite the Spring Chicken

Like we've always said, we're a total sucker for googly eyes and Here We Are Together's homemade Easter chicks are no exception!

Made using fairy wool (don't you just love the sound of that?), these cute Easter chicks can be easily molded into shape by small hands. Add a paper beak and some of those precious googly eyes for decoration and you've got yourself a fantastic new springtime friend!

TP tube Easter bunnyBunnies Made Easy

Though Mama King of 4 Crazy Kings includes this homemade bunny decoration as a craft for the Korean lunar new year, we think that it's also an excellent — and that it will work quite nicely as a festive decoration as well!

Simply made with only a flattened paper tube, string, glue, and googly eyes (yes!), this DIY bunny certainly does the trick for a quick and easy Easter decoration, or maybe even a new bunny necklace for your tot. Make a couple and hang them from the mantle, string from an Easter tree or dangle them from a door knob.

This article was updated on March 17, 2017.

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