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22 Great iPhone Apps for New Parents

Jen Betterley

Published on: March 12, 2013

Total Baby iPhone app

1. Baby Connect

Baby Connect is a comprehensive baby tracker. It tracks feeding, diapers, sleep, mood, medicines, and it can share that information with several people – Mom and Dad, Grandma, daycare. All entries are immediately synchronized with all users, and parents and daycare can trade messages about the little guy. $4.99 


Baby Tracker iPhone app

2. Baby Tracker: Diapers

Forget the charts you've rigged, this app has diapers wrapped up. With it, you can record diapers by type – “W” for wet, “BM” for bowel movement – and add notes or pick a quick description. The app will record the information and give you a detailed record for your doctor. $0.99

Flashlight iPhone app

3. Flashlight

For all those late-night feedings and diapers, this app saves you from stubbed toes. Just pick up your phone and find your way in the dark. Lights are bright and fast, and best of all, the flashlight app is free

WebMD Baby iPhone app

4. WebMD Baby

As a product of one of the most popular online sources for health-care advice, WebMD Baby is specifically designed for new parents’ needs. The app includes a variety of trackers for growth, diapers, sleep and feeding, along with access to hundreds of past WebMD articles and a baby book for keeping everything filed away neatly. Consumer Reports notes that WebMD Baby “will significantly lighten up your diaper bag” — always a bonus. Free


Cozi Family Organizer iPhone app

5. Cozi Family Organizer

Named as the #1 app for moms by the editors of Circle of Moms, the Cozi app includes everything you’ll need to keep your growing family organized. Featuring an interactive family calendar, a space for keeping track of your grocery lists (even when you’re offline), a to-do list tracker and a family journal, it’s easy to see why Cozi is a favorite among parents with kids of all ages and stages. Free.

Flock iPhone app

6. Flock

What a great way to share baby pictures! As a new parent, you have enough to do without posting or sending photos to family and friends, and you know everybody wants them! Flock finds the photos you take with friends and family and gathers all the photos from each person's phone into a single shared album. Just take your photos and Flock does the rest. Free.

Sitorsquat iPhone app

7. Sitorsquat: Bathroom Finder

Long hailed as a must-have app by the likes of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, SitorSquat records and allows you access to bathroom information around the world. Need to find a place to breastfeed or change a quick diaper? SitorSquat will help you find the nearest public bathroom to fit your needs, and it will even show you images of what to expect, with user reviews. Free.

Baby Pack & Go iPhone app

8. Baby Pack & Go

Baby Pack & Go helps you get out of the house with baby. Busy, sleep-deprived parents can’t always remember everything, but Baby Pack &Go can. It provides packing checklists for your diaper bag and gear when you go out. The app comes with ready-made lists, and you can customize them or make your own. It can also remind you of feeding and sleep times while you’re out in the world. $0.99

Baby Travel iPhone app

9. Baby Travel 

Planning a family vacation with baby in tow? The Baby Travel app will help your trip be smooth sailing from beginning to end with packing lists for a variety of locations and climates, travel tips and tricks, and even the ability to put your mail on hold while you’re away (genius!). Free. 

Guys Guide to the Delivery Room iPhone app

10. Guys Guide to the Delivery Room

 Not a new parent yet? This book app for fathers-to-be will help Dad or your delivery partner to navigate the big day. It teaches about the stages of labor and what to expect, what happens at the hospital, how to make you more comfortable, what to bring, medications in the delivery room and more. $0.99

Lose It! iPhone app

11. Lose It! 

Pull out your favorite skinny jeans and get ready to lose those last couple of pounds with this handy weight-loss tracking app. Lose It! helps you establish a daily calorie budget, log your meals and exercise, and will even award you with con¬gratulatory badges for your accomplished weight-loss milestones — all while you’re online or off. Free.

White Noise Lite iPhone app

12. White Noise Lite

White Noise Lite provides ambient sounds to help baby (or you) sleep. Enjoy the sounds of waves crashing on a beach, crickets chirping at night, and rain fall. You can import new sounds from the white noise market website, mix multiple sounds and create a timed playlist of sounds. This app includes multiple alarms that slowly fade in for a gentle wake-up. Free. 

BigOven iPhone app

13. BigOven

Having more than 200,000 recipes in your pocket is certainly a dream-come-true for home cooks nationwide, and that’s exactly why BigOven is receiving top honors among moms and foodies alike. With this app, users can browse and review recipes from fellow home cooks, keep their grocery lists at fingers’ reach, use the drag-and-drop calendar for menu planning and more. The latest version offers a calendar-based menu planner. Free.

My Baby Today iPhone app

14. My Baby Today

Promising to give new parents support, reminders and reasons to laugh 24/7, Baby Center’s new all-in-one My Baby Today app will keep you on track once your little one arrives. Neat features include a personalized calendar for your child’s development, helpful checklists and reminders, and a photo album, along with health-care and feeding advice for all of life’s “Is this normal?” moments. Free.

Baby Sign and Learn Lite iPhone app

15. Baby Sign and Learn Lite

Learn to communicate with your baby by using sign language with this free app. Offering more than 100 common signs (“milk,” “more,” “diaper”), the Baby Sign and Learn app includes a variety of flash cards, cute animations, an interactive quiz and the chance to purchase more signs for only $1.99 as your child and her vocabulary grow. Free.

Mom Maps iPhone app

16. Mom Maps

Looking for a nearby park? Rainy-day play spot? Mom Maps is here to make your life easier when you’re on the go and in need of some kid-friendly fun. Browse for family-friendly restaurants in your area or for a variety of outing ideas in more than 28,000 locations. Bookmark your favorites and check out other moms’ reviews for great tips; the options for fun are endless. The latest version is updated with reviews and an improved search function. $2.99

Grocery Gadget iPhone app

17. Grocery Gadget 

Smart shoppers everywhere are syncing up their pantries and refrigerators with their phones, thanks to the Grocery Gadget app. Featuring multiple grocery lists for your favorite stores, full analysis for your shopping habits and e-coupons that can be matched with your list and used directly from your phone, this savvy app will help lessen your time in the aisles and save your family a little cash in the process. The latest version boasts a new design and it’s easier to use. $3.99.

Baby MedBasics iPhone app

18. Baby MedBasics

Based on the popular book of the same title, Baby MedBasics provides new parents with knowledge and safety tips that are just a touch away. Complete with instructions and illustrations for how to handle CPR, choking, burns, bleeding, fevers and other health emergencies, this app is being touted by reviewers as “a must for parents and caregivers.” The latest version adds information on allergies, rashes, falls and more. $2.99.

OurKids iPhone app

19. OurKids

Every moment with your child is priceless, and you wouldn’t want to miss a single second. The OurKids app works as a family journal and allows parents to organize all of those special moments through text, audio, photos and beyond. Whether you’re sharing them with friends and family, or just keeping track of each new step and smile, OurKids offers an easy solution. $2.99.

iBreastfeed iPhone app

20. iBreastfeed

Medela's iBreastfeed app gives new mothers the breastfeeding support and helpful information they’ll need when first getting started. Search for breastfeeding- and pumping-friendly locations in your vicinity, find breast milk storage guidelines, and keep track of your breastfeeding, pumping, sleeping and diaper changes all in one place. iBreastfeed will even send your log to your baby’s doctor. Free.

How to Cook Everything iPhone app

21. How to Cook Everything

Need a sous-chef to help you in the kitchen? New York Times columnist Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything (based on the best-selling book) is just the app for the job! Search in a database of more than 2,000 recipes, check out one of the 400 how-to illustrations or use the built-in timers to create memorable family meals. This app will remind you that cooking can be fun — even when there are picky eaters in the house! Regular iPhone version $4.99; iPad, iPhone version (better for big screens) $9.99.

Baby Monitor iPhone app

22. Baby Monitor

Long ago are the days of hovering over the baby monitor: Turn on the Baby Monitor app while your baby sleeps and the handy app will give you a ring or a text on your phone when it detects noise. A helpful app for family travel, Baby Monitor will also sync up to Face Time on newer iPhones and iPads, so parents can see their baby as he wakes up. The latest version features a 30-minute delay before monitoring, to wait for baby to fall asleep. $4.99

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