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35 Windows Phone Apps for Kids and Parents

Published on: March 12, 2013

Here are our picks for fantastic Windows Phone  apps that are great for kids and parents, just in time for holiday shopping. Got a favorite not listed here? Please share it with us in the comments.

Fantastic apps for parents
Baby Tracker Windows Phone 7 app1.  App Discovery. First things first, are you looking for apps for your children? There’s an app for that. App Discovery by Windows Phone Parent is a Windows Phone app designed to help you discover apps for your children. The application is the official Windows Phone app for and sorts apps by age group and categories. Categories include foreign language, math, memory, skill development, literacy and more. Age categories start at the toddler years (18-36 months) to the teenage years. Free 

Parents Magazin Pregnancy and Baby Guide Windows Phone app2. Parents Magazine Pregnancy and Baby Guide is a Windows 8 app created for moms and moms-to-be to track baby's development throughout pregnancy and through the first years of life. It has answers to all your pregnancy and parenting questions. Free

My Life Windows Phone app3. My Life. The My Life app organizes your busy life. It stores information like birthdays and gift ideas; it records memories and milestones; to-do lists and allows you to write or voice record notes while you’re out and about. The trip planner feature records flight information, packing lists and important phone numbers. Free

A Pose for That Window Phone app4. A Pose for That is designed to connect yoga to everyday life – it will show you practical poses for everything from losing weight to reducing stress. It’s got 30 minutes of video instruction organized into 8 categories and mapped to more than 30 special topics. It includes a pose-of-the-day and a total of 88 poses with images and instruction. $2.99

Pet Buddy Windows Phone app5. Pet Buddy. This app is an organizing tool for taking care of your pet. You enter your pet’s information and build a database to keep track of nutrition, medications, allergies, vaccination, growth spurts, exercise, grooming and vets. It helps you keep track of expenses and includes an age calculator to convert your pet’s age to human years. $0.99

Gas Buddy Windows Phone app6. GasBuddy. With all the chauffeuring that you do, why wouldn’t you want cheap gas? GasBuddy gives you real-time gas prices and helps you find the cheapest gas prices in your area. If you report gas prices you can win free gas! Free. 

Baby Tracker Windows Phone app7. Baby Tracker. This handy app allows new parents to keep all of baby's information in one place -- including bottle feeding times, diaper changes, sleeping schedules, breastfeeding times and much more. Record all of your notes for upcoming pediatrician appointments or send your information to your email for reference. $0.99 

iFood Assistant Windows Phone app8. iFood Assistant Plus. We love recipe apps and the iFood Assistant app is no exception! Keep all of your favorite recipes saved in a recipe box, watch simple how-to cooking videos, store past and present shopping lists and find quick and easy new recipes to share with your family. Bon appetit! $0.99

Baby Sign Language Windows Phone app9. 9. Baby Sign Language. Experts agree that sign language can help enhance baby's early language skills, but parents need to know the signs too! This app will teach you basic signs to help you easily communicate with your infant or toddler. $0.99

Kitchen Toolkig Windows Phone app10. Kitchen Toolkit. Considered as the 'Swiss army knife' for home cooks, this helpful app will give you a much-needed extra hand in the kitchen! The app includes a measurements converter (we love!), an adorable chick kitchen timer and meat charts that explain the different cuts for beef and pork. $0.99

Local Weather Windows Phone app11. Local Weather. Keep the seven-day forecast and local weather advisories conveniently at your side. Great for families who love to play outside, this app features hourly and 10-day forecasts and up to 10 saved locations. Free.

Food Additives Windows Phone app12. Food Additives. Avoid potentially harmful food additives by checking up on those pesky, unidentifiable ingredients. This helpful app lists food additives, grouped into categories including colors, preservatives, antioxidants, emulsifiers, stabilizers, thickeners and gelling agents. $1.49

Baby Soother Windows Phone app13. BabySoother. Help your little one calm down and relax during nap or bedtime with this soothing sleepy time app! Parents can record their own voice with a calming background sound, or simply choose from a variety of relaxing sounds including a lullaby, crashing waves or a comforting "Shhhh." Now available for Windows 8.  $2.49

Puget Sound Traffic Windows Phone app14. Puget Sound Traffic. Perfect for commuting families, this app updates traffic conditions and advisories throughout the Puget Sound area. You’ll know exactly where there are accidents or roadwork up ahead, and have access to border crossing times, mountain pass reports, travel times and traffic maps to get you home safely. $0.99

Listonic Windows Phone app15.  Listonic. Long ago are the days of forgetting that much-needed grocery list! The Listonic app will help you keep track of all of your different shopping lists for various stores. Items are automatically arranged by store aisles to save you time. Free

Baby Growth Tracker Windows Phone app16. Baby Growth Tracker. Track your baby's growth all in the convenience of your own pocket! This resourceful app includes colorful charts for following baby's weight, height and head circumference. Parents can watch their child as he grows bigger and becomes a crawling and walking toddler. Free

Cool apps for kids

Max and the Magic Marker Windows Phone app17. Max and the Magic Marker. Max runs through an obstacle course a la Super Mario but this game has a twist. Your magic marker enables you to draw freehand in the game and everything you draw becomes real so Max can use it. You must help Max overcome enemies, obstacles and puzzles on his journey. $0.99

Kinectimals Windows Phone app18. Kinectimals.  This game takes your child to the island of Lemuria to play with and care for your very own cub.  Your new pet goes wherever you go with your phone. $2.99.  

Farm Frenzy Windows Phone app19. Farm Frenzy 2. In Farm Frenzy 2, you manage a “wild and wacky” farm. You grow grass, feed chickens, collect eggs and take your produce to market. Then you spend the money you earn on additional buildings that produce new products, including steaks, cakes and country clothes. You’ve got to defend your farm from bears too. $2.99

Touch Fireworks Windows Phone app20. Touch Fireworks. Who doesn’t love fireworks? Kids will enjoy this quick loading fireworks app. Every time you touch the screen you’ll get a new fireworks explosion. Free

Kids Song Machine Windows Phone app21. Kids Song Machine. A world-wide favorite for kids among Pre-K teachers, Babysitters, Day Care Centers, Church groups and Moms and Dads, Kids Song Machine plays 6 kid songs for your child’s listening pleasure:  Old McDonald, If you´re Happy and you Know it, Row Row Row your Boat, I´m a Little Tea Pot,  Hickory Dickory Dock and The Wheels on the Bus. Free

Toddler Counting Windows Phone  app22. Toddler Counting. This app helps toddlers learn to count First, a voice says, "Can you count the number of........?" then the child counts each object and it changes color. When the toddler touches the right total, he’s praised. 

Crayon ABC Animals Windows Phone app23. Crayon ABC Animals. Your little one will love the life-like paper and crayon alphabet drawings in this adorable early learning app! Read along with the sound prompts and watch as a cute alphabet animal pops up with each letter before sliding on to the next page. $0.99

Bubble Birds 2 Windows Phone app24. Bubble Birds 2. The Bubble Birds app is a super-cute version of the classic game, bubble shooter. Simply pop the bubble birds in groups of the same colors and gain extra points for finding large chains of the same birdies!  The latest version is faster and adds social media sharing. $1.99; ad-supported version is free

Preschool Jobs Windows Phone app25. Preschool Jobs. Your child will love learning about different jobs in this educational, interactive app! Explore various professions such as a doctor, astronaut, rock star, police officer and a construction worker, see their work environments and examine the tools that they use each day. Super neat! Free

Bee ABCs Windows Phone app26. Bee's ABCs. More ABC fun! Kids will get a kick out of singing along to the alphabet song, spelling simple words and learning about pronunciation in this interactive, educational app. Plenty of fun sounds are included as well as an easy drop and drag feature that is great for small hands. $0.99

Barnyard Adventure Windows Phone app27. Barnyard Adventure. Spend a day at the farm with Farmer Susie and all of her barnyard friends! This educational adventure includes a full musical score, a fun and friendly narration and almost two dozen fruits, animals and other objects to interact with in six mini-games. Kids will love earning special gold coins while playing each game! The latest version adds more animated graphics and a musical score. $0.99

Slurpy the Frog Windows Phone app28. Slurpy the Frog. Join Slurpy the Frog and his friends in this educational activity book app with over 100 colorful pages. Designed by parents, this interactive app teaches children about various topics such as animals, shapes, sizes, relationships and fun facts about the world. $0.99

Color Swipe Windows Phone app29. Color Swipe. Small hands will love swiping over the uncolored cartoon images and watching as the pictures come to life in this interactive coloring book app. Color Swipe includes 53 kid-friendly coloring pages and hidden surprises in the fully colored pictures! The free version sports 3 pages. $0.99

Coloring Book Windows Phone app30. Coloring Book. Perfect for road trips or long waits at the doctor's office, this interactive coloring book app will keep your little artists busy filling in the cute cartoonish pictures. Select the colors and the picture of your choice and get to work on coloring in your masterpiece! $1.29

arnyard Bonanza Windows Phone app31. Barnyard Bonanza. Spend a day in the barnyard with adorable new farm friends. Match baby animals with their mothers, search for animals and objects including alphabet letters and fruit and find all of the items that are hiding throughout the barnyard! $0.99

Whack-A-Rat Windows Phone app32. Whack-A-Rat. Much like the classic game of Whack-A-Mole, Whack-A-Rat features pop-up rats that need to be whacked before disappearing back into their holes. Make sure not to whack the other cute pop-up animals set as decoys and try to whack as many rats as you can for a super high score! $0.99

My First Puzzles Windows Phone app33. My First Puzzles. Your little one will get a kick out of finding all of the jigsaw pieces to complete the cute animal puzzles in this interactive app. With 14 puzzles to choose from, this app will give young children a good introduction to puzzles and help fine tune their early motor skills. $1.99

Baby Xylaphone Windows Phone app34. Baby Xylophone. Got a budding musician in your home? Rock out and play some super cool tunes with the Baby Xylophone app! Featuring plenty of fun and quirky sounds, this app is easy for small hands to use and will be great for the young music lovers. $0.99

Day at School Windows Phone app35. Day at School. Step off the yellow school bus and get ready for a fun day of learning! Explore the school's various rooms and objects, solve easy, age-appropriate word puzzles and hear fun narrated poems. School rooms include the art room, gym, music room, lunch room and much more! $0.99

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