Are you looking for some spark-inducing recipes for a Valentine’s Day dinner? Steam up the kitchen — and the bedroom — by creating a menu from foods known throughout history as aphrodisiacs. Check out these ten mouth-watering dishes, each containing one or more ingredients that will get the blood flowing … everywhere.

Smoked bacon oysters aphrodisiac foods for valentine's day

Oysters: Angels on Horseback

Ever since a Greek poet described Aphrodite and Eros rising from the sea on a bed of oysters, these humble mollusks have been associated with sexual virility. And there may in fact be some science behind the myth. Oysters contain amino acids that produce dopamine, a brain chemical that makes us feel good. Oysters are also high in zinc, which can indirectly raise testosterone levels. Angels on Horseback is a super-easy appetizer that wraps canned, smoked oysters in crispy bacon. Check out this recipe from the blog Mark’s Daily Apple.

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