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7 Apps to Simplify and Organize Your Life

Get fit, save money and stay on budget with these free apps for iPhone, Android and tablets

Published on: January 15, 2015


Was getting more organized one of your resolutions this year? Let us help! Whether you want to make progress on budgeting, healthy meal planning or fitness, these terrific free apps will help you start and stay on track.


My Fitness Pal

This highly rated calorie-counting app takes the work out of food journaling. Each day,you start off with a customized calorie budget, based on how much weight you want to lose. As you type in or scan the foods you eat, the number goes down. This app also has a bar code scanner for recording ready-made foods. You can also add in exercise to get some of those calories back!





EWG’s Food Scores

Environmental Working Group, the organization that shares the annual “Dirty Dozen,” the 12 most pesticide-contaminated fruits and veggies, has a new app. Simply scan the barcode of a food product and Food Scores will give it a number based on nutrition, ingredients of concern and level of processing. If your item scores poorly, you can then search the database for a healthier choice.



This app is your best friend if you don’t enjoy sitting in Washington state traffic! This Department of Transportation app  keeps you up to date on travel alerts, ferry wait times and schedules, mountain pass reports and Canadian border wait times. Don’t leave home without it.







This app automatically records your every move without an extra device, as long as your smart phone is in your pocket or bag. Moves recognizes walking, running and cycling, plus you can add other activities. The Moves app calculates calories burned and gives you a daily “storyline” which tells you when, where and how much you moved.








This free app is perfect for organizing your existing recipe collection, plus you can easily import new ones by pasting in the url. Once you have a recipe database, use Pepperplate to plan meals, generate grocery lists, and even time your cooking with the Pepperplate's multiple timers for when you have more than one pot on the stove. 





Create your grocery shopping list by searching more than 200,000 grocery products for the best deals. Coupons from the Web are clipped to your store loyalty card so you don’t need to search through the circulars or remember a paper coupon. Pushpins is free and has a searchable recipe database as well.



Good Budget

Remember when budgeting consisted of putting cash into labeled envelopes at the beginning of each month? Well, most folks seldom use cash anymore, but with the Good Budget app you can still use the envelope method electronically. The best thing about Goodbudget  is that your budget syncs across multiple devices so everyone stays on the same page.    



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