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7 Extra Special Easter Activities to Try With Kids

Refresh your favorite Easter traditions with new crafts, activities, recipes and more

Published on: March 08, 2021

gold leaf egg decoration
Credit: Lily Ardor

Refresh your favorite Easter traditions!

When you have kids, holidays are a welcome excuse to break out the construction paper and glue sticks and get crafting, decorating and even baking. There’s nothing I love more than a holiday-themed activity that can help to get the whole family in the mood for whatever occasion is upcoming — and keep everyone entertained on a spring afternoon.

Holidays can be tricky when it comes to sustainability, though, and can often result in an onslaught of single-use plastics. Easter is no different, what with plastic eggs and candy wrappers in abundance, but these ideas will give you a slightly eco-friendly edge on the traditional activities and traditions. 

Scroll through the arrows above for some fun and creative ideas. 

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