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7 Extra Special Easter Activities to Try With Kids

Refresh your favorite Easter traditions with new crafts, activities, recipes and more

Published on: March 08, 2021

7 Extra Special Easter Activities to Try With Kids

Cascarones eggs
Credit: Pretty Prudent

Crack cascarones

Have you ever heard of cascarones? I first encountered the confetti-filled dyed eggs while living in Texas — they were sold at little stands on the side of the road in the weeks leading up to Easter. They’re a Mexican tradition and the idea is to smash them (ideally over an unsuspecting friend’s head!) and relish in the paper confetti mess. You can typically purchase them in grocery stores in states that border our southern neighbors, or you can DIY them fairly easily. Just make sure your confetti is made of paper! Pretty Prudent has a simple DIY tutorial for making your own cascarones this Easter.

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