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A note from the editor for our 2017 Baby Issue

Published on: March 31, 2017

Full disclosure: I don’t have a baby. But if I did, I’d want something like this issue.

Elisabeth Kramer as a baby
The author as a baby

I imagine a pregnant me will crave information (and also watermelon, judging by my mom's pregnancy with me). I’ll need stories like “As easy as A, B, C-section” that spell out my options when it comes to getting the health care both my baby and I deserve. I’ll want to read about inspiring women like those in our article about single moms, and I’ll want quotes like “Things may not always work out as planned, but with perseverance, one can always survive.” I might as well stitch that on a baby blanket right now.

But more than anything, Pregnant Me will want to feel less alone. I’ll want to know that whatever I’m feeling, whenever I’m feeling it, another woman has been there, done that and got the cute baby to show for it.

So whether you’re reading this in the doctor’s office before your next appointment or in the restroom at work as you pump breast milk, welcome. We hope you enjoy our Baby as you get to know your own.

Oh, and as for who that cutie is to your right — that’s yours truly. Not to brag but I won a $50 Safeway gift certificate with that photo, a prize my parents promptly spent in what I can only imagine was a newborn-themed version of “Supermarket Sweep.” Babies: You give them life. They get you gift cards.

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