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Cheap Indoor and Outdoor Party Games for Kids

Have a barbecue or birthday party coming up? Here are some great ways to entertain (and wear out) your little partygoers!

Published on: April 04, 2022

Cheap Indoor and Outdoor Party Games for Kids

Two girls painting toenails

Spin the nail polish bottle

This one is fun for a sleepover party. Gather several bottles of nail polish in different shades. Instruct guests to sit in a circle and then they can take turns spinning a tightly-closed bottle of nail polish on its side in the center of the group. The person the handle on the polish bottle points to after it finishes spinning has to paint one nail with that color. Keep spinning and playing, changing the color frequently until everyone has crazy nails!


Editor’s note: This article was originally published in 2013, and updated in April 2022. 

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