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12 Picture Books to Strengthen Your Child’s Social Skills

Teach them about manners, communication and more with these books


Published on: July 14, 2021

12 Picture Books to Strengthen Your Child’s Social Skills

Boys pushing

Teach personal space and boundaries

Most young children don’t realize that we all have invisible “bubbles” around us protecting our personal space. If you’ve got a kid who is clueless about the way they interact with others, can’t keep their hands and feet to themselves, or comes on too strong with physical displays of affection or excitement, try reading them one of these books and then implementing some visual cues or social stories to help them recognize and honor other people’s boundaries.

Personal Space Camp” by Julia Cook

Louis doesn’t realize that when he’s using his imagination to pretend he’s in outer space, he’s wiggling and crashing right into his friends and classmates. But his teacher helps him translate his outer space expertise into personal space expertise.

Any book from the “Best Behavior Series” by Martine Agassi, Ph.D. 

The simple presentation of concepts in these board books will help the littlest kids understand all the great things their bodies can be used for, while reminding them that they shouldn’t use their bodies to do things that hurt other people. A few recommendations: "Hands Are Not for Hitting," "Feet Are Not for Kicking," "Teeth Are Not for Biting."

Clark the Shark” by Bruce Hale

Clark the Shark has a boisterous personality, but his excitable ways often bother his friends and classmates. With help from his teacher, Clark sees how his actions affect the people around him and learns that some activities are more fun when everyone is calm. 

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