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BFG Birthday: 10 Big Friendly Giant Ideas to Help You Celebrate

Roald Dahl fans, rejoice! Your BFG birthday party ideas all in one spot

Published on: June 25, 2016

Photo credit: "The BFG"

With The BFG movie hitting the big screen this summer, a whole new generation will likely fall in love with this classic Roald Dahl story. Kids will particularly enjoy a party theme based on the Big Friendly Giant what with his quirky language and funny food. Create dream jars and dreamcatchers, wear big ears, eat snozzcumber, drink frobscottle and play with words in a whipple-scrumptious word activity game. Read on for more!

Photo credit: Lost Marbles Co.

1. Big ears card

Get your party started with this funny card from Etsy shop Lost Marbles Co. Blank on the inside, the cover features big ears just like the friendly giant. This greeting can be used as an invitation, thank you note or just because! Comes with a recycled envelope, and ships from the United Kingdom so order early. 

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2. BFG T-shirt

Give the birthday kid a special BFG T-shirt to wear at the party. The shirt features Quentin Blake’s illustration of the giant catching dreams in his net along with the quote: “Dreams is very mystical things.”

Photo credit: Hobbycraft

3. Wearable big ears

Give each guest a personal set of big ears to wear! The Hobbycraft blog can show you how to create these from felt and a headband. Check the post for step by step instructions, including a template for the ear shapes. 

Photo credit: Just Jenn Recipes

4. Frobscottle

In the book, the BFG introduces his new friend Sophie to a drink called Frobscottle. Sophie says the drink tastes of vanilla, cream and raspberries. Serve up your own from this amazing recipe on the blog Just Jenn Recipes. Not only will the drink taste delicious, but your guests will surely feel the bubbles bouncing around in their tummies just as Sophie did!

5. Snozzcumber

Snozzcumbers are disgusting vegetables that giants eat. And while this might look gross, we promise that it tastes delicious! Here’s how to make your own:

How to make it:

  1. On a serving plate, put out three Rice Krispies Treats end to end in a row.
  2. Stack three more on top in the same manner.You should now have six rice treats stacked two high in a column.
  3. Press the ends together gently.
  4. Use your knife to cut off each of the four corners to create rounded corners.
  5. Frost the whole thing with chocolate frosting.
  6. Using the tube of white frosting, place stripes of frosting lengthwise along the "snozzcumber."
  7. Finish by sprinkling with black pearls.

Photo credit: MomDot

6. DIY dream jars

What do your dreams look like? The BFG keeps the dreams he collects in jars on shelves. These gorgeous nebula, or dream, jars from the MomDot blog will inspire dreamers. Make these as an activity during the party or create these before the celebration as a party favor. However you use nebula jars, they'll will add the perfect touch to any BFG celebration.

Photo credit: Jane Can

7. DIY dreamcatchers

Once you’ve finished creating those lovely dream jars, you might want to make a dreamcatcher to trap all of those trogglehumpers (the BFG’s word for nightmares). Prepare the rims of the dreamcatchers ahead of time by using the printable template from blog Jane Can. Then, just follow the blog's instructions! 

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8. BFG wordmatch

The BFG calls his language Gobblefunk and his nonsense words are fun to read and use in conversation with other Roald Dahl fans! Let your party guests test their gobblefunk knowledge by completing a word matching activity. This downloadable activity is free from the educational website (You just have to register, which is also free.) 

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9. Whipple-scrumptious words activity

If kids need a little help making up new words, consider using this whipple-scrumptious words activity set from the Roald Dahl Day website. The kit contains a book illustrated by Roald Dahl illustrator Quentin Blake along with a set of magnets printed with partial words to mix up and create your own wacky language. 

Photo credit: Artsy-Fartsy Mama

10. Roald Dahl bookmarks

What kind of party favors do you give a bunch of readers? Bookmarks, of course! Lindsay, author of the Artsy-Fartsy Mama blog, offers these free printable bookmarks based on a variety of Dahl's books. She even shows you how to create colorful tassels for the bookmarks to add extra bling. 

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