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Divorce: Can't Mom and Dad even agree on how to parent?

Published on: December 30, 2013

While researching and writing my three-part series on divorce, I've been struck by the emotional turmoil divorcing couples experience. I've been troubled by the endless obstacles and challenges all these families encounter, yet impressed by their determination to help their children emerge relatively unscathed from the family breakup.

Parenting - and the ability to mull over decisions and issues involving the kids - can take a big hit amid the dissension and conflict common in divorce territory. Often parents, now living separately, suddenly realize their parenting philosophies differ dramatically. What's the fallout for the kids? What happens when they face mismatched rules and expectations along with dual houses, dinnertimes, and sets of clothes?

In my book, Beyond Smart, I talk about how crucial it is that parents find common ground when it comes to core values and parenting basics. But divorce can change all that. On this week's Parent-To-Parent on KING 5, I discuss ways divorced parents can work through their parenting differences.

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