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6 Dinosaur Crafts That Kids Will Love

Paleo play starts here with these super DIY dino ideas

Published on: June 07, 2018

6 Dinosaur Crafts That Kids Will Love

dino excavation

DIY dino excavation

Supplies needed:

  • Toy dino skeletons or dinos
  • Cornstarch (at least 1 cup)
  • Water (about 2 cups)
  • Container large enough to “bury” the dino in


Choose a container that is just big enough to contain the dino, with enough space around it bury the dino in a small bowl or a 3-cup storage container works well. 

Add cornstarch to your container and pour the cool water over the starch slowly, mixing constantly with a fork. You’ll want the mixture to be about the consistency of pudding. If it gets really thick and too hard to mix, add more water. Add more starch if it is too thin. You may need to add more solution depending on the size of your container. Use two parts water to one part cornstarch. Once you have enough solution, put the dino in and push down so that it is no longer visible. 

Allow to dry for one to two days. When the surface starts to crack, unmold your cornstarch solid onto a plate or baking dish to catch all of the debris when the dino is chipped out! You may need additional dry time if the surface feels damp to the touch.

When it is dry, allow kids to be archeologists and dig out the dino. Use butter knives or spoons to chip away at the surface. Offer dry paint brushes to brush off the bones while excavating!  

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