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LearningMap, 2010

Published on: September 30, 2010

LearningMap Cover 2010


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Dear reader,

At ParentMap, we want to make sure you’re always in the know. That’s why we offer you all the best in parenting news, family-friendly events and the latest, cutting-edge info on toddlers, tweens, teens and every age in between. Our supersmart staff of two dozen moms and dads packs a lot of power into the ParentMap pages, website,

e-newsletters, lectures and special publications, like this one.

What’s the best way to deal with colic? With tantrums? With potty training, growth spurts, eating issues and teen angst? We address these topics and hundreds of others in our publications. But education — and all the joys, challenges and hot issues surrounding it — always tops our list. Last year, ParentMap won the much-coveted PPA Gold Award for “Getting School Ready,” our monthly education column. And our book division published Beyond Smart: Boosting Your Child’s Social, Emotional and Academic Potential, a book full of tips and tools for making your child’s learning journey an enriching one.

We’re passionate about learning, and it shows. In this publication, you’ll get some insights into a fascinating preschool program at the University of Washington (“Preschoolers learn about colors, play and differences at UW program,” page 7).

You’ll find out why it’s so important that parents help develop their infant’s social and emotional growth (“Helping caregivers nurture early relationships,” page 21).

And you’ll learn how to navigate the public school “optional” programs (“Public schools: a parent’s guide” page 5).

Laura Kastner and Jennifer Wyatt’s terrific tips for helping tweens and teens succeed in school especially resonated with me. My two kids are now grown-ups. Like every parent, I struggled with my level of school-related involvement when they were teens. How much is too much? Do I praise or encourage? Support or critique?

I hope I made good choices, and that as parents themselves, my kids will give much thought and consideration to how they can best help their kids learn and succeed in school — and in life.

Enjoy this special LearningMap edition!

— Linda Morgan, LearningMap editor

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