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A New Spa Offers Cheap Childcare in L.A.

Is Seattle next?

Kate Missine

Published on: January 31, 2020

woman getting a massage

Self-care is a popular buzzword for moms these days, as the rest of the world is finally realizing what new parents everywhere have known all along: they are tired! Whether you're in the sleepless throes of a teething infant or chasing tornado toddlers, dealing with pregnancy or recovering after a new birth, moms and dads are in dire need of a break – a break that, let's face it, they very rarely get. Escaping for a day of pampering to enjoy a blissful massage – or midday nap – may sound sublime, but for many caregivers with young kiddos at home, it stays firmly in fantasyland: getting away from the little ones for hours at a time simply isn't an option.

Unless you happen to find yourself in Los Angeles, that is; because there, in the suburb of Studio City, a new haven for exhausted parents beckons: Spa Lé La, a sanctuary that's all about parental pampering (and naps – we'll get to that later!). The best part? You can bring your kids with you.

That's right: Spa Lé La offers childcare right on-premises, and it's even completely free for one child (and only $6 for a second)! Founder and skincare maven Trina Renea conceived the idea after having her daughter and finding herself longing for uninterrupted moments of peace. The spa-and-childcare concept is not new in other parts of the world, but has not yet caught on in the U.S. – until now, perhaps. 

While mom or dad gets to chill in the spa lounge and enjoy a service from the extensive Spa Lé La menu, youngsters frolic in the soothing (and soundproof!) playroom, watched over by vetted and certified nannies. There’s even music, yoga and art classes for the littles to assuage any last trace of mommy guilt. Massages, facials, beauty services and more are on tap, along with special treatments for expecting and postpartum mamas. No worries if you're running late, either: the friendly spa staff are all well aware of what it takes to wrangle a struggling toddler into their car seat. 

And the R&R doesn't end there: sleep-deprived parents can opt to catch some much-needed zzz's in a dedicated nap room - $40 gets you 25 minutes of uninterrupted shut-eye. Or, get in some work, reading, or meditation time in at one of the spa's quiet pods for $20 for 25 minutes. Spa and sleep? Sounds like a dream. 

Feeling jelly yet? There's hope: more local locations for Spa Lé La are in the plans, followed by possible franchises around the country. We're keeping our fingers crossed!

But while Seattle is still awaiting its own version of a 'mommy spa', don't start hitch-hiking to LA quite yet. Get in some pampering sans littles right here at home. Head to a fitness club like the Washington Athletic Club in downtown Seattle or Pro Club in Bellevue, both of which include a full-service spa and salon along with gyms and aquatic facilities, and offer supervised on-site childcare for patrons. Or drop your kiddos off at a drop-in playcare and make your way to a nearby sanctuary: such as Adventure Kids Playcare in downtown Bellevue, which happens to be a block away from the popular and luxurious Yuan Spa; or Lynnwood’s Time4Kidz, five minutes away from Olympus Spa, a unique Korean spa concept that features several different relaxation rooms alongside the usual range of treatments (naps are totally allowed, too). Want even more of a break? Leave the fam at home and explore one of these amazing local spas, refreshing retreats, or awesome adventures for a fantastic mommy (or daddy) day out.  

Feeling the pinch on your wallet? Find a moment of aaaaaahhh for less with one of these totally free spots to ditch your offspring while you rest up or indulge in some retail therapy (hint: grab some coffee and dessert at the IKEA café for a mama-only treat while kiddies play). Check out a yoga class where you can bring your babe along while you find your Zen – Limber Yoga is our pick for its range of baby, toddler, and family classes plus a childcare option. Or pamper yourself with a mommy-and-me spa day without leaving the house: make your own beauty products together (scour Pinterest for easy and edible ideas straight from your kitchen); and bond over self-serve mani-pedis, homemade facials, and plenty of laughs alongside your little.

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