ParentMap, September 2014 Issue

Published on: August 29, 2014

August 2014 Issue

It's back-to-school time! In the flurry of preparation that happens as a new school year kicks off, take pause and peruse our issue, which offers a practical guide to better grasping (or questioning) the academic plans and powers in your child’s school in order to better help your child learn. We explore everything from understanding what guides your child's curriculum to the controversy over Common Core standards

We also explore those common struggles that parents and kids face with a new school year, from how to help your child navigate friendship problems to dealing with the empty nest feelings that some parents face as their children begin full-day school. Also, don't miss the fun outing ideas we have lined up in our fall arts roundup and September Play List.  

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Ages & Stages:
0–5 Baby Got Books: Our Favorite Anti-Bias Reads for Tots

5–9 Jump Start: Facing Fears and Facts About Skipping Grades

9–13 Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Helping Kids Survive a Failed Friendship

14–18 Reality Bites: Life Lessons Kids Need to Know Before They Leave the Nest

Someone You Should Know: Community Engagement and Equity Advocate Bernardo Ruiz

Special Series: 
After-School Special: Kids and Quality Programs

Feature: To Infinity and Beyond: Understanding Your Child's Universe of Learning

Out & About: 
Your Fall Arts To-Do List
September Play List for Puget Sound Families

Education Matters
Publisher's Note

Voice: Laid Off: What I Lost When My Child Started School

Wellness: Heads Up: How to Spot and Avoid Non-Sports Concussions



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