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"Pickle" is a page-turning pleaser

Published on: December 30, 2013

What your kids will love about the  book, Pickle Impossible, is the irrepressible French girl, Aurore, who's high opinion of herself is topped only by her clever ability to get out of, well, pickles. Written by Canadian-turned-Israeli, Eli Stutz, this adventure/mystery book is a terrific, fun-filled read for the 8-12-year-old set. Highly original and just a bit quirky, you may want to add it to your own reading list. It's about a boy, a girl and a jar of pickles - but, oh, so much more.

Full disclosure: Eli is my cousin, once or twice removed (never really understood how that works). Fuller disclosure: My 8-year-old granddaughter read Pickle Impossible, was crazy for it, and is hoping there will be a sequel. Or a series. Pickles all around!

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