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Raves: Great stuff for new parents and babies

Published on: May 01, 2009

Happenin’ bag
Just because you no longer sleep doesn’t mean you can’t look hot! The ChouetteNo one will notice your eye bags when you’re toting this hip diaper bag. The Chouette is available in to-die-for retro prints with a waterproof coating; the “Olivie” model features lots of roomy compartments, a changing pad — even photo-display pockets. Smart, yes, but also tres chic. $172.80.

Tot tote
Strap your cuddlemouse into this comfy carrier and you’re rockin’ some serious gear! Designed by a rock-climbing mom who wanted to wear her baby without wrecking her back, the Beco is all about ergo. Wear baby on your back or front; available in lots of pretty patterns. $139; available on Amazon.

Clip 'n' Feed nurisng tentModest mom?
Put a stop to nipple flash with this cute cover for breastfeeding. The Clip 'n' Feed can hook around your neck to make a cozy little nursing tent — or clip it over your stroller for a cover that won’t hit the dirt. Gorgeous patterns; available in heavier blanket weight fabrics, too. $35–60.

Plug ugly?
Then add a little flash of style in an unexpected — and usually forgotten! — location. Baby-proofing has never been so much fun! Plug these little protectors into your outlets and rest assured that your tot just cannot pry them out — they’ve got self-locking barbs that hold them firmly in place. Lots of cute designs to dress up a room; you can even custom order your own. $5.99/pair; Socket-lockits; available on Amazon.

Organickidz bottleUrpsie daisy
Stop your baby from sliming your shirt with this ingenious burp cloth. Velcro the strap around your neck and voilà! No more slippage. Especially appreciated by working moms who aspire to arrive in barf-free clothing. $15, $25/pair; Burpie Blocker. Special for BabyMappers: enter BPMG10 at checkout for a 10 percent discount.

Bottle rockit
Here’s a great answer to the question: Is there creepy stuff in my baby’s bottle? Organickidz stainless-steel baby bottles are BPA-, PVC- and phthalate-free, dishwasher safe, lightweight and completely adorable. $18-25.

— Kristen Russell Dobson


Pedipeds!Pedipeds "Giselle" style
If it can’t be naked baby toes, these buttery soft little shoes are the next best thing. Pediped’s Spring/Summer line features darling dots and sweet suede. In sizes from 0 to 24 months; $32. We have pairs to give away! To enter, email by June 1; include your mailing address and specify boy or girl. Be sure to put “pediped” in the subject line.

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