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Readers Share: "What is Your Secret Mother's Day Wish?"

Published on: December 30, 2013

Mom and daughterMother’s Day has become fairly predictable in my family. I pretend to be asleep as the sounds of clanking dishes and giggling children echo down the hallway. Just when I feel like my bladder won’t let me feign sleep any longer, my three kids burst through the door with a tray of toast and orange juice. Usually there’s a small vase full of dandelions and a hand-made card declaring me the “World’s Best Mom!”

My youngest, a toddler, crawls onto my lap and gestures for me to feed him. I share the slightly burnt toast dripping in jam with him and tell them that it’s the most delicious breakfast I have ever eaten. The kids beam with pride. Later that morning, I am greeted by sticky gobs of jam smeared on the fridge and a sink full of dishes.

I love this Mother’s Day ritual. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say that a small part of me wishes for something else, something a little more selfish. Perhaps a day where “alone time” didn’t entail hiding in a locked bathroom, or a day where the only thing on my agenda was to lay in bed and read books. Maybe even a massage at one of those fancy spas.

We asked readers on our Facebook page and Parentmap staffers their secret Mother’s Day wish. The range of answers is a mix of sentimental, humorous and humbling.

istock_000012715108xsmallWhat is your secret Mother’s Day wish?

Highlights from

"My to do list completely done so I can spend the whole day having fun with my kids

without thinking of the 1,000 things I still need to do." — Megan F.

"Two nights of uninterrupted sleep." — Corinne S.

"Latte, swim, art making, yummy lunch, laughter, wine, art making, wine, yummy dinner, game night." — Celeste D.

"Some good one-on-one time with my busy 29-year-old daughter, perhaps dinner and a play." — Chalice B.

"A child support check would be nice." — Mary R.

"A day where all the poop and pee make it into the potty." — Anne S.

Time travel: I’d give anything to go back in time and hold and play with my daughters when they were babies/toddlers. — Myriam G.

"Hotel room. Room service. A few movies. Alone." Amy C.

"To be able to put my kids in stasis for a year. I don't want to miss out on their lives, but I NEED A BREAK!!" — Laurie R.

"Sometimes I see how quickly my kids are growing and changing that it makes my head spin. I'd love, for one day, to have them both be babies again. (Well, maybe not on the same day...)" — Patty L.

"I'm divorced, so every other Sunday, I actually do get to live that fantasy of alone time and uninterrupted sleep and even spa days… It is sweet, but it also has a touch of the bitter. So I guess I'll have to cheese out and have my wish be that my children will be able to find balance, security and comfort in a world where they have two homes." — Elisa T.

"Getting a gift or special activity planned completely by the kids and their dad with out any encouragement from me." — Tiffany L.

"To be able to use the bathroom without someone saying 'What, what, what you doing?'" — Jessi L.

Please take a moment to share your secret Mother’s Day wish in the comments below. Feel free to forward it to your child or spouse with your comment highlighted, circled and underlined.

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