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Vote for Your Top Story About Homelessness

As part of #SeaHomeless, we're looking for your ideas on stories to tell

Published on: July 25, 2018

It's no secret that our community has a problem: More than 11,000 people lived on the streets in the Seattle area last year. That was a 21 percent jump from the year before.

This problem affects all of us, no matter our housing situation. 

In previous years, we've talked about how to discuss homelessness with your children and the impact of homelessness on local students. But this year we want to know: What questions do you need answered? 

That's why ParentMap has joined in #SeaHomeless 2018 along with The Evergrey, GeekWire, Crosscut,, Real Change, Patch and KUOW.

Last week, we asked for your questions. Now, it's time to vote. By Monday, July 30, select your top question from the three listed below. Whichever gets the most votes is the one we'll write about.



Big thanks to our partners — The Evergrey, GeekWire, Crosscut,, Real Change, Patch and KUOW for working with us on this project; to Crosscut for coordinating #SeaHomeless Day on July 19; to Hearken for letting us use their tool for this collaborative local project; and to all of you for thinking and caring about your city.

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