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Seattle-Area Families Explore Micro-School Options for Fall

Nano schools, homeschool hybrids and small home preschools are on the rise

Author Elisa Murray

Published on: July 02, 2020


Back to the drawing board

Summer’s barely started, but the biggest topic of conversation among parents these days is fall. What will school — or preschool or child care — look like as the pandemic continues? And will it even begin to serve the needs of kids and families?

If your child is older and a self-directed learner, she may have thrived — or at least survived — during remote learning this spring. And if the adults in your household have flexible, work-at-home schedules, then whatever is coming this fall may work out. As for the rest of us — those with kids who can’t tolerate more than five minutes of a Zoom call, those with children who need constant supervision to do the bare minimum of schoolwork, and those who simply want a more hands-on, peer-involved model of education — I think it's fair to say we’re panicking.

Some parents might be ready to take on the full load of homeschooling, but for many others, that isn’t an option. One alternative some parents are exploring is a concept called “micro-school.” While the term has been used to describe small, flexible private schools for middle and high school learners, it’s also being used by two Seattle-area projects that are using distinct models to facilitate tiny, home-based learning centers for younger children. 

Use the arrows above to see what these micro-schools look like in practice.

Learn more about micro-schools at a free webinar featuring WEEKDAYS Micro-Schools Founder Shauna Causey on August 13, 2020, at 2 p.m. 

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