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Shopping Raves for April 2008

Published on: April 01, 2010

Toe businessSee Kai Run

See Kai Run's supercute, superflexible baby shoes were created by a Woodinville mom who wanted stylin’ options for her boy. Totally scrumptious, butter-soft leather is comfy on tiny toes, and the hip designs will bring out your inner Imelda. New! Check out shoes for older kids at See Kai Run’s sister company, Eleven. From $48. See Kai Run shoes from $36.

Belli Cosmetics
Belli up

Here’s a gorgeous line of mom and baby pamper potions from Issaquah-based Belli Cosmetics. No artificial dyes, parabens or phthalates here, and the fragrances are sweet and simple. Wash your honey baby in the yummy honey-scented Calm Me Hair & Body Wash; the facial sunscreen for pregnant women absorbs well and won’t mess with your make-up. Gift sets are beautiful, too. $18-$42.

Get personal Fill in the Blankie

Shout your love from the rooftops, or at least, from the blanket edges. Share your poetic words of wisdom — or rip off a great poet — on the satin edging all around a cuddle-soft blanket from Fill in the Blankie. In three sizes; the largest, 36 inches square, is big enough for a bigger kid who maybe just needs a special blankie. Thick, soft traditional weaves, plus a few superhip patterns. And here’s a great gift idea: a personalized baby blanket paired with a coordinating Sferra throw for mom. Blankets start at $39; blanket-and-throw gift sets from $139.

Safety Tat
Tattoo Pooh

Here’s great news for nerve-wracked parents who can’t get Junior to memorize his own phone number. Put that Sharpie down! Now you can tattoo your phone number onto Junior’s skin — temporarily. Slap a SafetyTat on that chubby little arm before hitting that Barney live jam. Cute designs include dinos, rockets, butterflies and a peanut alert. $19.95 for 30 personalized tattoos.

Crispy kissersStuff for Sprouts

If your kids get crunchy face like mine do, you’ll understand my delight about this new line from Stuff for Sprout. No more chasing that chapped rascal around with a tube of Vaseline; watch them come to you for a smear of this rich lip balm in chocolate, frosting, or PB&J flavors. Nice wide stick means no worries about aim with fast-moving kids. From $8.

Maiden AmericaPrincess Bling

 Because you are such a cool auntie, you understand a little girl’s need for bling. These gorgeous, sparkly, flowery hair clips are princess-approved and locally handmade by Maiden America. Special “nonslip” feature means these clips really stay in place, even on baby-fine hair. Support a super family-friendly local business and give a great gift at the same time! From about $6.

Snack attackFunky Monkey

I’m not proud of it, but this is what I actually said when my kids tried to horn in on my bag o’ Funky Monkey Snacks: “Those are Mommy’s! It’s research!” I finally did share, and the kids happily hoovered up the rest, which is saying something, since these are all-natural, sugar-free, freeze-dried fruit snacks. They are delicious! Check out the Bananamon and Jivealime (our favorites). Gluten-free, diary-free, certified Kosher Parve and available at Whole Foods and on Amazon (in 12-packs). About $2/package. 

— Kristen Dobson



Originally published in the April, 2008 print edition of ParentMap.

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