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Shopping raves for March

Published on: March 01, 2008

Swanky blankie

These are some of the most gorgeous “green” blankets we’ve ever seen! Robbie Adrian uses 100 percent certified organic cotton for these luxe cuddlies; in fleece or velour, trimmed out with natural silk and colored with low-impact dyes. Sweet, soft and safe enough to lick. Machine washable; available in styles, finishes and sizes. $44-$116.

Secret agent mom

You give and you give and you give, dashing through the day like the super hero that you are. No surprise then that you sometimes teeter on the brink of … charmingly rumpled. Whip out one of these chic, coordinated baby accessories and problem solved! With your cool metro diaper attaché, you look like a mom with an eye for detail. Plus, the sophisticated patterns draw the eye away from the dried banana on your sleeve. 

Baby burritos

Snuggle your little chimichanga in this nifty wrap and she’ll stay sweetly swaddled longer. The SwaddleKeeper was invented by a labor and delivery nurse to make baby-wrapping easier; the nifty built-in head support gives newborns a little something-something right where they need it. Handmade by at-home moms in Hood River, Ore. $25.95-$31.

Well heeled

My first choice: bare baby toes always, because there is nothing yummier. But because Northwest piggies get cold and damp, here’s my brand-new second choice: Simple Shoes’ natural Weebit baby booties. These wee shoes are made from organic cotton and hemp, which requires little or no pesticides to grow, and the elastic is recycled; the company’s attention to green detail is outstanding. Bonus points: The Web site offers hip bags and shoes for moms, too (check out the Satire eco sneaks)! From $24. 

Tuff enuff

Because baby licky what baby likey, you need books that can stand up to his affections. Two new, charmingly sturdy titles, Clackers: Bee and Clackers: Fish, are built around a sturdy plastic core with a reinforced cloth binding, so they stand up to the slobber. Plus, they make a happy little “clacking” sound when waved randomly in the air or bashed into Mommy’s leg. I love Luana Rinaldo’s adorable, colorful illustrations. Winner! $4.99, Random House.

Potions class

Picture this: Little pots of magical concoctions all in a row. Colicky baby? Try the cardamom, dill and coriander blend. Teething? A little chamomile might do the trick. Angel Massage’s scrumptious line of baby massage creations blend essential oils into cold-pressed, organic sweet almond oil. Very gentle fragrances and phthalate-free. $16-$25; includes a yummy gift for Mummy. 

Stuck up

It’s not that my room is cooler than yours, it’s just more … colorful! Spiff up kids’ rooms in a flash with these supergroovy Euro room makeover kits from FunToSee. Dozens of oversized stickers go up fast — and stay up, too. Plus, they’re removable and re-stickable, for those of us who are artistically challenged. Eight different patterns; my tween loves the Funky Flowers. Why didn’t we do this sooner? $60-$70. 

Can do!

“What, that old thing? Just a little Japanese brush painting I whipped up with Junior.” Get instant art cred with these complete kits that are truly a cut above. Choose from printmaking, wax drawing, and sumi-e painting; each Eye Can Art kit comes with everything you need, right down to the scissors. For ages 3-8. Created by three local art teachers, so you don’t have to! $23.99. 

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