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'The Motherhood Manifesto' - read it for FREE!

Published on: December 30, 2013

I'm not sure what first did it for me. Might've been the story about the Kent mother who had a baby one Thursday, and went back to work the following Monday - because she didn't have enough leave time.

Might've been the study that found that when two equally qualified women apply for the same job, the one who's not a mom gets it 'most evey time. (Try putting "PTA President" or "Girl Scout Leader" on your resume if you really want to blow your chances.)

Or how about this: Three out of four women work outside the home - but they're still earning 27 percent less than men - and single moms earn 34-44 percent less. Gah!

Having a child is the single-biggest predictor that a woman will go bankrupt. In this country, anyway.

Yes, by the time I had finished reading this book, I was plenty angry - angry, but inspired by the moms who are rising up to reverse this despicable tide. This book - The Motherhood Manifesto - launched the MomsRising movement; something you know a thing or two about if you're a regular ParentMap reader. These horrible, family-destroying policies and practices do not have to stand - and MomsRising is keeping the heat on lawmakers to make sure they don't.

I was psyched to see that MomsRising is now offering The Motherhood Manifesto free of charge (you just cover the $5 shipping) in honor of Mother's Day. Give a mom you love (including yourself!) a free copy of this wonderful book.

Hmmm. Do I have to take this crap?

Here's more on the book from MomsRising: "The Motherhood Manifesto reveals that the bias against moms in the workplace and challenges parents face trying to be great parents and workers isn't about any one structural problem but many. Parents need flexible work options, healthcare for all, great affordable child care, quality after school options, not to forgot the basic social safety net that other industrialized countries provide to working people - paid sick days and paid family leave. Your gift will not only help MomsRising continue our efforts, but you will also inspire someone else who, just like you, is ready to build a better world for our families."

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