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Anxious Parents, Anxious Kids: Parenting Tips From the ‘World’s Worst Mom’

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In this ParentEd Talks event, we welcome phenomenal speaker and author Lenore Skenazy.

It’s time to change the way we look at obstacles and stop making assumptions that our kids are incapable of clearing their own path in life. Join author, columnist, blogger and reality TV show host Lenore Skenazy, aka “The World’s Worst Mom,” for a talk laced with humor, wit and the unvarnished truth: Your kids can be independent. Skenazy will share simple but powerful ways anxious parents can counteract the urge to overprotect their children, move away from fear-based parenting, and give their bubble-wrapped children the freedom to develop confidence and resilience the natural way: through unstructured, child-directed play.

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We know you’re busy. If you can’t attend the live event, you can still participate! After the event concludes, all registered attendees will be emailed a link to watch the recorded session at their convenience on any device. By joining in the live event, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in the interactive Q&A portion.

About the speakers

Lenore Skenazy is the president of Let Grow, the nonprofit promoting childhood independence and resilience. Ever since her column Why I Let My 9-Year-Old Ride the Subway Alone created a media firestorm, Skenazy has been declaring that our kids are smarter and stronger than our culture gives them credit for. She is the author of “Free-Range Kids,” the book-turned-parenting-movement that garnered her the nickname, “World’s Worst Mom.”

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