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An Old-Fashioned Christmas: Rustic and Vintage Christmas Décor

Published on: November 22, 2013

When you finally get home after rushing from place to place during the holiday season, you want your nest to be a peaceful, cozy haven. And what could be more restful than an old-fashioned Christmas? In days past, people decorated their homes with natural materials and simple designs. Slow down this season and deck the halls with these 15 rustic and vintage décor ideas.

Rustic Christmas homemade decorations

Rustic Christmas star decoration 

This huge star will light up your home inside or out. Crafted from five yardsticks glued together into a star shape, this is both rustic and inexpensive! If you want it to hang outside, paint the wood with outdoor paint before adding the lights. For inside décor, you could paint, stain or even just leave the yardsticks unadorned. This is a great solution for decorating a large space without spending much. This thrifty idea is from the Little Bit Funky blog.


Rustic Christmas jar light

This lovely candle holder comes from the My Doyle Life blog. She placed fresh cranberries and some greenery in the bottom of a Mason jar, then filled with water. A lit tea light candle looks beautiful floating on top. You could go in so many different directions with this design! For example, use clear flower vases instead of Mason jars for a more elegant look. Or, instead of cranberries, you could float slices of orange or lemon (cut cross sections through the whole fruit). Any way you create this floating candle, it will add a festive glow to your table. 



Eva over at the Miss Renaissance blog created this gorgeous pine cone garland. She used pine cones she found around her neighborhood, then added paint, gold leaf and glitter. The pine cones hang from a length of twine by small screw eyes that she inserted into the stem end of each cone. You could follow Eva’s directions at the link below, or simplify this craft to do with the kiddos. They can help by finding pine cones and choosing embellishments. Keep your pine cone garland more natural and rustic by leaving them unpainted. Drizzle white glue over the pine cones and let the kids add glitter. Or, pull apart white cotton balls and glue on wisps of cotton to resemble snow. An adult can add the screw eyes and hang the pine cones in a prominent place for the family to enjoy.


Homemade Christmas ornaments

Lindy at the Cottage Hill blog created these vintage ornaments using recycled CDs and old Christmas cards. These were meant to hang on the tree, but we think these would make a beautiful garland, or even a festive table runner. If you don’t have a stash of Christmas cards, no problem! Cruise through the scrapbook section at your local craft store. There are plenty of vintage Christmas designs in scrapbook paper. After spray painting the non-printed side of the CDs in white, she simply cut the paper images to fit the CDs and then glued them on with white glue. A ribbon hanger was added with hot glue and the edge of the CD was embellished with fake snow. If you don’t want to use fake snow, glitter glue or a pretty cord will do. Hang your embellished CDs on a length of twine for a garland, or glue flat to a wide ribbon and place down the center of your holiday table for a unique table runner.

Homemade Christmas wreaths


Laura at the Finding Home Online blog created this rustic Christmas wreath. She cut a small log into cross sections using a chop saw, and then glued the resulting wood rounds onto a wreath form. Burlap ribbon and a spray of artificial berries add a pop of color. Pre-cut wood slices (sold as “birch rounds”) can be purchased at craft stores if you’re not into chopping wood. Burlap ribbon is available in many colors and adds to the natural look of this project. Create this wreath to complement your color scheme by changing the color of the ribbon and berries. Or you could make it completely natural by using greenery and berries you find outdoors.


Holiday front door wreaths

Adrienne at the Our Unexpected Journey blog made this natural yet elegant door decor. She used a large wooden letter purchased at a craft store as a base. This monogram makes a statement embellished with holly berries and hung on the door with a burlap ribbon. You could cover your letter in red holly berries like Adrienne did, or use found greenery from your neighborhood.



Create a banner in burlap with this easy tutorial from the Dukes and Duchesses blog. Randi cut burlap into triangles and sprayed each with a light layer of matte white spray paint. She then used vinyl stencils, Mod Podge, and Martha Stewart glitter for the letters. Each triangle hangs from twine with wooden clothes pins, giving this banner a vintage touch. Create your own banner with your favorite Christmas quote in glitter to match your decor.

Make your own Christmas star 

We love these faux galvanized stars from the Focal Point Styling blog. These could be hung around the room individually, strung onto wire or twine for a banner, or used as tree ornaments. Lynda used silver stars she bought at a party supply store as the base for this project, but you could use cardboard stars painted in silver spray paint as well. Either way, lightly sand the silver stars with fine grit sandpaper to rough them up, then lightly mist with a bronze spray paint for an aged look. Lynda decorated hers with raised, metallic stickers and twine, but these would look rustically beautiful with or without the extra embellishments. Check out the blog post for a detailed tutorial.


This burlap Christmas tree pillow will add a vintage touch to your holiday display. Use a sewing machine to make the easy “envelope” pillowcase from burlap, and sew the felt trees on by hand. Felt is easy to work with because it doesn’t fray or require hemming. You could use different colors of felt and the silhouette of your choice. Try stars in yellow, a bell shape in red, or a green wreath. Make a few pillows in various sizes and group them together on a couch or bench. The tutorial at the Amy All in a Day blog includes a link to instructions for sewing the pillow case.

Christmas decorations homemade 

This cute snowman family was made from recycled wood. Tasha took wood pieces in three different sizes and painted each white. Scraps of Christmas fabric became hats and scarves and the features were painted on. Make this project uniquely yours by using what you have at home to make this easy outdoor decor. Try buttons for eyes or strips of felt for scarves. Fashion the hats from fabric in a snowflake pattern or a solid color and these could greet your guests all winter. Check out Tasha’s easy to follow tutorial at the Lovely Little Snippets blog.  

 Handmade holiday decoration ideas

Here’s another great idea from the Focal Point Styling blog. Recycle wine bottles to make these unique vases. They wrapped clean, empty bottles in twine, securing the twine with dots of glue from a hot glue gun. Oversized jingle bells give these vases a festive touch. Group two or three together for a natural centerpiece or table display. Leave the bottles empty or and add artificial branches with berries for color.  

 Christmas baskets

This festive basket will brighten any room. This display is simply a few birch logs and found greenery gathered in a round basket. White lights make it glow, and the chalkboard tag adds a cheery message. You don’t have to use birch logs to create this natural decor. Use a basket you have and add branches that you find outside, ones with moss or lichen add texture and interest. You can buy strings of LED Christmas lights that use batteries, just tuck the battery pack in underneath the branches. Add the finishing touch by using a chalkboard tag like Kate did, or simply tie a bow around the basket.

Handmade Christmas tree cones 

These fabric covered cones are a thrifty DIY Christmas decoration. The cones are crafted from poster board, and then covered in fabric and trim. Make a few cones in varying heights and cover with vintage Christmas print fabric. Scrapbook paper in an old-fashioned Christmas design or pattern would work for covering these cone-shaped trees as well. This post at the Creativity Exchange blog gives detailed instructions and has great, inspiring pictures.

Christmas stocking hooks

This stocking holder created from scrap wood is the genius of Becky at the Beyond the Picket Fence blog. Many of us don’t have a fireplace, or if we do, the mantel is covered with other Christmas décor. This is the perfect solution! She used scrap wood, one piece per family member, and screwed them into a longer wood piece to hold them together. She then stained and decorated the wood. Hooks provide a place for hanging the stockings, and the whole piece hangs on the wall via heavy duty D Rings.

Urban Jane

This white frame and burlap bunting sends a simple message. Jane of the Urbane Jane blog took a frame she found at a thrift store and spray painted it white. The banner is fashioned from cut burlap pieces sewed onto three lengths of twine. Glittery letters in gold adhered to each piece spells out her Christmas message. Add a touch of simplicity to your home by using white and gold, or jazz it up by using bright colors. This is beautiful to hang on the wall or lean on the fireplace mantel. Check out the tutorial at the Urbane Jane Blog. 

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