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10 Amazing Recipe Ideas for Leftover Halloween Candy

Published on: September 30, 2012

Truffle bites

Truffle Bites
Oh, the indulgence of a truffle — make a tasty bite without all of the work with this recipe for Oreo truffles from Formal Fringe. Crumbled Oreos and cream cheese make up the base, and leftover candy bars coat the outside. Try not to think about the calorie count too much, and be sure to share!

Candy bar pudding

Proof in the Pudding
Once Halloween has passed, see if you can pry a few candy bars away from your little hoarders to make this delish recipe for candy bar pudding featured over at the Taste and Tell blog. The best part is the kiddos can customize their cups with any crumbled candy they can find!

Snickers Cheesecake Cookies

Cheesecake To-Go
Do you have a muffin-top tin gathering dust somewhere? (Because honestly, how often do we get inspired to just make muffin tops?) Let yours see more action with this recipe for Snickers cheesecake cookies by Picky Palate. With just 30 minutes needed for bake time, your final product will be oozing with caramel goodness. WARNING: You will need a drool bucket while viewing the images on the full blog post.

Skittles cookies

A-maize-ing Cookies
Okay, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Save some of your Skittles bags to make these adorable ear-of-corn Skittles cookies created by Sweet Designs. Doubling as a fall craft project, these would be a great centerpiece for any holiday table. .

Butterfinger pie

Serious Pie
Oreos. Chocolate. Peanut butter. And the secret ingredient — “borrowed” Butterfinger bars from the kiddos’ treat bags. This recipe for a Butterfinger Pie by Recipe Girl reminds us of what is so dangerous about the holiday season. But it’s oh, so worth the splurge (in moderation of course). Mama Lori even adds some DIY chocolate spiders for a spooky touch.

Candy bark

Bark with Bite
Keep the candy bar recycling going with this recipe for candy bark featured on the Brown Eyed Baker blog. Mix and match whatever leftovers are cluttering up your counters, or select your items by color to create an autumn-themed dessert. We’re already dreaming up ways to use this recipe season after season.

Candy Corn ice cream

Candy Churned
Not everyone is a fan of candy corn, but we love this idea for candy corn-flavored ice cream featured over at We Are Not Martha. And get this — it’s made with only three ingredients — whole milk, candy corn, and heavy cream. Don’t believe us? Check out the full post for tips on churning up your own sweet batch. 

Pepperming Patty brownies

Patty Cake, Patty Cake
Make me some brownies! These baked delights from Sweet Anna's blog have a little minty surprise inside — fudgy peppermint patties! You’ll find the full recipe and helpful tips on how to layer the ingredients to perfection over at the full blog post. Craving chocolate, anyone?

Lemonhead cookies

Pucker Up
The folks over at Thyme in Our Kitchen warn that these lemon cookies with chunks of lemon candy are addictive, but we had no idea how right they were until we tasted a batch ourselves. Based on a freezer box-style recipe, these babies were delicious. And the lemon glaze topper? Like heaven melting in your mouth.

Atomic Fireball shortbread

Someone Call the Fire Department
If you’re a fan and can stand the heat of those cinnamon-y Red Hot candies, then this recipe for fireball shortbread featured on the The Traveling Spoon is right up your alley. These cookies will bring back memories of 5-cent Atomic Fireballs and Hot Tamales. The secret ingredient is the homemade cinnamon powdered sugar — which you can use to dust anything from hot cocoa to oatmeal.

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