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15 Homemade Halloween Costumes Featured on Etsy

Published on: October 04, 2010

Children's Halloween costumesWe've hit the Web in search of the hippest ready-made Halloween costumes featured on Etsy and boy, was it tough to narrow down our favorites! See below for plenty of unique kids' costume ideas and the very best of the coolest and craftiest.

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Superhero Boy, Discovery Denim Etsy StorePOW! Calling all super heroes

Crime fighter by day and trick-or-treater by night? We'd believe it with some of these adorable shimmering capes! There are plenty of super hero capes and costumes to be found on Etsy, but DiscoveryDenim blew the others away with their flashy little hero capes. These capes ($21-47) are made with snaps instead of Velcro for longer lasting wear, come in a variety of colors and sizes for boys and girls of all ages and feature a collar that young vamps and ghouls can wear up for an extra eerie look. The capes can be personalized with initials, names, special hero icons and mix and matched colors. DiscoveryDenim as well features little hero gear for those in need of some specialized power cuffs and a mask to finish of their mysterious super hero disguise.


Incredibles costume, NueToMe's Etsy storeBaby, you're incredible!

The only thing that's more incredible than your little one's special powers is the fact that NueToMe's Incredibles costumes ($38) are made completely from recycled cotton t-shirts, making them durable enough to last and comfortable to wear. This Everett-made costume fits babies ages 6-12 months and comes with a mask that is small enough to fit your baby snugly. Also be sure to check out NueToMe's other recycled costumes for younger and older kids -- including Snow White (complete with apple rattle!), Scooby Do's Daphne, a flower princess dress and more.


Bat girl costume, bynichole's Etsy store


Love at first bite

Forget Twilight! bynichole's batty vampire costume ($68) will give your nocturnal babe or toddler a creative new twist with its additional vampire bite choker. This lovable little bat comes complete with tie-on, adjustable wings, a black tutu, dress and bodice. Since the dress and tutu are separate pieces, additional colors are available -- making the tutu a great dress-up or playtime addition. The felt bat mask can also be traded out for a spider web veil if your tot is in need of an extra spooky effect!

Chicken costume, DIP Designs' Etsy store

Bird's the word

Your toddler will love quackin' around in DIP Designs' baby chick Halloween costume ($57) -- featured in yellow, pink or white. So what's it going to be -- a duck, a chick... a flamingo? All chick costumes are made using yellow stretch material with boa feathers sewn on and an easy Velcro closure in the back. Top that with a matching foam hat and feet and you've got yourself one baby chick that is ready to hit the streets for treats.


Wild thing costume, Katesy's Etsy storeMama's little wild thing

Release that inner-wild thing and step into Max's shoes for a night of comfy, cozy trick-or-treating. Based on Maurice Sendak's beloved children's book, Where the Wild Things Are, Katesy's Max costumes ($40-250) are available in a wide variety of materials and sizes, ranging from baby to adult. A great costume for those with sensitivities to particular materials, this onesie is available in eco fleece, sherpa, organic cotton fleece, flannel, velour, terrycloth and more! These wild things also feature safe sole-less foot claws that end at the ankle and attached paws and claws to scare away the Halloween monsters. Need a crown? Dreamchildstudio's got you covered!


Gnome costume, Uniquery's Etsy store


Too cool for the garden

By far the cutest gnome in town! Uniquery offers a wide variety of these adorable costumes ($45-80) with sizes to fit the smallest and the largest of gnomes -- including adults. This three-piece costume is handsewn with fleece to ensure that your child will stay warm while collecting all that candy on even the chilliest of Halloweens. The boys' gnome costumes feature blue, green or yellow tops and a stabilizer in the hat to keep it pointy. For the little ladies, the gnome fleece costumes include a green dress, pink apron and long Rapunzel-esque braids underneath the cap. You may also consider checking out the vintage cotton print fabric aprons for girls as well that add a bright pop of extra color and creative flair.


Cowbaby costume, TheMiniatureKnitShop's Etsy storeCowbaby up!

Got the next Texas ranger on your hands? TheMiniatureKnitShop's cowboy (or girl) collar and gunbelt set ($70) are a Wild West must-have. Handmade from 100 percent lambswool, you won't have to worry about the collar scratching or irritating baby's skin while out on Halloween. And if you run into danger, baby's got you covered with two knitted guns to ward off those ghoulish goblins. Collars are available in red or blue and both the collar and gunbelt include adjustable fasteners to fit over your tot's favorite onesie. Want a warm onesie to go along? TheMiniatureKnitShop as well feature a lambswool all-in-one knitted cowboy babygrow that fits babies up to nine months in age.


Kitty Costume, Carriecolombo's Etsy store


Good kitty

Carriecolombo's Etsy store features this classic and cute black cat costume ($40) that can be made to fit children of all ages. Your cuddly kitten will love the soft, marabou lined cat ears and the adjustable, removable tail. And let's not forget about the tutu! Featuring sequins throughout, this tutu will make a great addition during playtime or dress-up once Halloween is over. The costumes also come in a wide variety of colors, including pink, blue, green, purple or white for the more adventurous trick-or-treating felines in your home. Leotards are not included.


Peter Pan costume, Petiteleon's Etsy store


Forever young

Captain Hook, Beware! Your little dreamer will love showing off this Peter Pan costume ($110), compliments of Etsy's Petiteleon. Handmade using faux suede, cotton and rayon jersey knit, the outfit includes shoe covers that easily clip under your child's soles and a dagger sheath for their plastic weapon (or candy!). Faux suede shoes can also be purchased separately.



Lion costume, Sweetpeatoadtots Etsy store


Hear me roar!

Sweetpeatoadtot's little lion hat ($55) is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Made from a wool blend yarn, this hat is available in sizes to fit newborns through one-year olds and keep their ferocious little heads nice and warm while trick-or-treating even on the chilliest of Halloween nights. Sweetpeatoadtot's Etsy store as well features a lighter-colored lion hat, as well as a little lamb (in various colors), little brown bear and much more. Organic materials and cotton are available.


Angel costume, Zacharydickorydock's Etsy store

Daddy's little angel

This all-in-one angel costume is tutu cute! Available in all sizes from infant to adult, Zacharydickorydock's angel tutu Halloween costume ($45) includes white tulle with an elastic waistband, tie-on angel wings and a fluffy halo headband. (Socks and shoes are not included.) Waist sizes must be submitted as these are one-of-a-kind angel tutus -- especially made to fit each child individually. Zacharydickorydock's Etsy store as well includes plenty of other fun tutu costumes such as kitty cats, bunnies, bumble bees, witches and even a pirate!



Witch costume, lauriestutuboutique's Etsy storeCasting a spell on you

No wicked witches here! Lauriestutuboutique's Etsy store features these beautiful handmade little spell caster witch costumes ($37.50) for children ages 18 months to seven-years old. This adorable witch-y costume includes an elastic-waisted tutu with colorful ribbon streamers and a matching pointed witches hat; all available in various color combinations. (Crocheted top sold separately by seller for $7-12.) Other fantastic costumes in this Etsy store -- Minnie Mouse, a pepe le cute skunk and a lovable puppy dog -- all available for $44 and less!


Duckling costume, fwcreations4all

Just ducky

This fantastic toddler's duck costume looks so warm and cozy, we can't help but wish that we had one ourselves. Featured in Fwcreations4all's Etsy store, the adorable little duck costume for toddlers ($36.99) is made with soft faux sheep fur and an extra layer of fleece for additional warmth. The feet have safe, non-slip soles and the hat is made with a faux knit suede fabric. Check out the measurement chart included in the store for additional sizing information.



Butterfly costume, FairyWonderful's Etsy store

Flying high, monarch style

Got a little a butterfly that's ready to spread their wings? FairyWonderful's Etsy store features gorgeous tutu costumes, including this black monarch butterfly costume ($89.95), made for infants through young children. And since the antennae headband and butterfly wings are detachable, your baby butterfly can wear her handmade tutu dress for any (or every!) occasion following Halloween. Additional tutu dress colors are available; unfortunately the matching monarch mask is currently sold out.


Dinosaur T. Rex costume, Amysewsit's Etsy store

Beware, the mighty T. Rex

Amysewsit's T. Rex dinosaur costume ($65) will be sure to scare up some candy while your little one is out on this year's Halloween treat beat. Made for children ages 1 through 4, this dino comes with a powerful tail and large clomping feet -- perfect for that powerful T. Rex effect. The costume zips up the front, making it simple for young children to put on or take off easily and it features a detachable hood. Amysewsit's Etsy store as well features a super cool Sonic the Hedgehog costume ($75) for your favorite little gamers. (We are totally wishing that costumes were this cool when we were younger!)

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