"Stick stack" nature game by Imagine ChildhoodStick It and Stack It

Though Mom Sarah of Imagine Childhood came up with this clever "Stick Stacks" game for summer, we think it'd be just as fun for spring days filled with t-shirt weather and plenty of outdoor play!

To make your own Jenga-esque "Stick Stack" game, simply gather up some backyard sticks and some crafty odds and ends from around the house that won't be missed after they're painted in bright colors and included in your new handy game sack. Sarah's clan made wooden point tokens that were given for structure placement and they assigned different values for objects ranging from easy to hard. The options for what you can include in your own game and the structures that your little ones can make from them are truly endless! Check out the rest of Sarah's great "Stick Stack" ideas for more tips.

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