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Ballard dad Tom Nissley goes for win #8 tonight on Jeopardy!

Published on: December 30, 2013

tom_nissleyIn case you haven't been watching Jeopardy! this week, Ballard dad Tom Nissley has been on quite the winning streak and we couldn't be more excited for him! Currently the smarty pants seven-day winner of $211,004, Nissley and his family must be having quite the holiday season this year. And many Seattleites are wondering... could the Amazon Omnivoracious editor be the next Ken Jennings?

Nissley has certainly proved in the past week that he has much more than book smarts -- though as guessed, he always knocks it out of the park on the literature-based questions. And when asked what he will be spending his brainy booty on, Nissley reveals that he plans on helping his wife establish her "sparkly vinyl handbag company." (Love it!!!)

We typically watch Jeopardy! most weeknights and we'll be the first to admit that watching Nissley in action has had us downright screaming, "Go Ballard dad, go!" anxiously at the T.V. (Much to the dismay of our skittish house kitties.)

You bet we'll be watching in suspense this evening as Nissley goes for his eighth Jeopardy! win. If you want to cheer him on as well, turn to Komo channel 4 at 7:30 p.m. for what we're hoping will be another success. Fingers crossed!

And for your afternoon viewing pleasure, here is a video of Nissley's two boys joining him on the Jeopardy! set last night to tell him just how proud they are and how much they love him. Too cute!

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