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Be kind to food allergic kids this Halloween

Published on: December 30, 2013

As the parent of a severely food allergic child, I know first-hand how scary Halloween can be. There are parties with baked goods that may or may not be "safe". There is trick-or-treating at houses giving out peanut-laden candy. It's a holiday fraught with worry for me.

I try, however, not to show my concern to my kids.

And nothing helps more than other parents, family and friends who do their part to make Halloween enjoyable for us.

If you're interested in making sure ALL kids can eat the candy you'll be giving out this Friday, please consider visiting the new website Allergy Free Halloween.

There you can find a list of candy that is safe for almost all children, as well as a downloadable door sign you can post to show families that you're giving away allergen-free treats.

It would mean so much to us families contending with food allergies. Truly.

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