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C is for hot dog? Yes, way!

Published on: December 30, 2013

X is for xylophone! We get it! Ever notice the way alphabet books get rather, well, redundant? These books share many similarities, when you think about it. And writer/blogger Wendy Lawrence did think about it.

That's why Wendy (full disclosure - my daughter-in-law and mom to my two uber-cute grandsons) loves, loves, loves the book, A is for Salad. Because each letter of the alphabet seems to stand for something it doesn't ("No! A is NOT for salad!" exclaimed Oliver as his mom pointed to the page), the book encourages your child to interact and respond. "It’s a really fun read, and gets kids to think about the letters instead of passively listen to them be recited," Wendy says.

Check out the book - and check out Wendy's awesome Kid Lit Blog, The family that reads together. You'll love them both.

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