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Congrats Harvest + Halloween Photo Contest Winners!

Check out our winners and honorable mentions

Published on: November 13, 2014

Congrats to our Harvest + Halloween Photo Contest winners! We are so impressed with all of the adorable photos. It was such a treat to see all of the cute kiddos decked out in their Halloween costumes and pictures of your pumpkin patch and fall adventures. Thank you for voting and for sharing your images and experiences with us. A big thanks to Verity Credit Union for sponsoring our contest and to all of the fabulous prize providers. 

Grand Prize: Ewok Twins

Caption: "My little Ewoks! I took them into the forest to grab some shots in their natural environment!"

Twins + cozy Ewok costumes + picturesque setting = mega cute!  

Congrats Kate Kolesar! You won:

Grand Prize

Total prize value: $686

Second place: Trunk or Treat? 

Caption: "Nothing cuter than a little 7-month-old baby elephant! Happy Harvest Halloween!"

This photo makes us want to sing "Baby Mine" à la Dumbo and shed elephant tears over the sheer cuteness. 

Congrats Chelsie McKinney! You won: 

Second Place Prize

Total prize value: $388

Third place: Lion' in the Leaves

Caption: "5-month-old Wren is 'lion' in the leaves!"

We'd be "lion" if we said we didn't gush when we saw this photo. That smile! Those sweet baby cheeks! 

Congrats Frances Coppa! You won: 

Third Place Prize

Total Prize value: $282

Fourth Place: My Little Jack-'O-Lantern

We love his adorable smile and the way is red hair matches the pumpkins. So cute! 

Congrats Katie Kramer Blechman! You won:

Fourth Place Prize:

Total prize value: $244


Honorable mentions

The hardest part of our job is picking the winners in these photo contests. Even though your votes help us narrow the finalists down to the top 20, it's still nearly impossible to choose just four winners. Check out all of the adorable entries at this link. Thank you to everyone who entered. You are all winners in our eyes! 

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