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Cool blog alert: Kid Lit Blog

Published on: December 30, 2013

Girl sitting reading book looking surprised.How do you choose the best, most interesting, most wonderful book for our kids? How do we find the ones they will they will love and remember - and maybe even revisit?

Wendy Lawrence, a writer and former middle school head of Eastside Preparatory School in Kirkland, has created Kid Lit Blog. It’s for parents, teachers, or anyone else who's passionate about kid literature.

On this blog – already one of our faves - Lawrence reviews new and classic books, fun reads and school reads. Mostly, she says, “I like to concentrate on the kind of books your child (or you!) wants to read by flashlight under the covers when it’s way past bedtime.”

The best part? After summarizing and reviewing each book, Lawrence offers terrific, on-the-mark discussion ideas. For example, after your child reads the book Soul Enchilada, here’s what you might talk about:

“First, there’s the whole making-a-deal-with-the-devil thing. Who would do it? For what would you make a similarly large sacrifice? Is there a modern true-life equivalent of selling one’s soul? What would that be?

Before she realizes her soul is up as collateral, Bug fights to keep that Cadillac–despite the presence of a stinky, powerful demon now in the passenger seat. Why would anyone put up such a dangerous fight for an object? For Bug, the car is not only a prized possession, but the last remaining memory of her grandfather. Are there things in your life that mean that much to you? Why?”

Kid expertise + passion for literature = Kid Lit Blog. Awesome!

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