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Crazy for the Cougar Mountain Zoo

At the zooWhat better way to spend an afternoon than gazing into the eyes of a herd of Siberian reindeer? Or interacting – from a distance – with a mountain lion or two? Chatting up the macaws?

I got to do all that and more - and enjoy the company of 20 so-excited-to-be-there girls on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

OK, the day itself wasn’t so lovely – but with all the animals to bond with, who cared? We were celebrating my granddaughter’s eighth birthday at Cougar Mountain Zoo in Issaquah, an intimate, gorgeous hilltop park that focuses on education and endangered species. The birthday party package (10 kids for $140; $12 for each additional person) includes a guide, all day zoo admission and a “close encounter” with an animal for the birthday kid.

We got up close and personal with the crowned cranes, loved the lemurs (they come from Madagascar!) and were wild about the wallabies. We’re crazy for the zoo. How about you?

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