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Crib Notes: May News for Expectant and New Parents

Learn the latest, from recent research to gaga gear

Published on: April 27, 2018

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Have You Heard?

  1. Eating during labor isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Wondering if you’ll be confined to noshing on ice chips during your next childbirth? Talk it over with your doctor. According to a study in the “American Journal of Nursing,” there was no increase in risks for women who were allowed to eat and drink during labor. When scientists examined an estimated 2,800 women between 2008 and 2012, they found that eating and drinking during labor wasn’t all too troublesome in most cases. Although some women shouldn’t eat, it is something to bring up with your doctor before the big day. 
  2. Moms who co-sleep with their babies may experience depression or feel judged, say Penn State researchers. Moms who were still co-sleeping with infants after the six-month mark were 76 percent more depressed, on average, than those who moved the baby into a different room, according to a study published in “Infant and Child Development.”
  3. A new study in the journal “Human Reproduction” found that having a child can accelerate cellular aging. That process occurs in all people as we age and is typically marked by the shortening of telomeres (the end caps on our chromosomes). This study, however, found that having a child aged woman the equivalent of 11 years. (That doesn’t mean women who have kids will die 11 years sooner than they would have if they didn’t have kids, the researchers noted.)

For That One Time You Get Out of the House

Feeling stir-crazy? Never fear. We’ve found the best nature outings, coffee shops, story times and more for babies and toddlers. Get ideas and get out there.

Gear We’re Gaga For

Celebrate the new parents in your life with these ideas

  • A pair of award-winning earmuffs: Ever heard of HearMuffs? These kid-sized headphones are perfect for your concert-going kiddo, and are guaranteed to keep young ears safe. Find them in blue, green, orange, red and white.
  • A onesie with a message: It’s hard to pick between the cute onesies at Love Bubby. “Always Fierce,” “Little Activist,” “Mama Is My Queen” — how do we choose?! The best part: Mom can get a matching shirt.  
  • A tool to help them teeth: This one comes from mom Tasha Mayberry of Connecticut. When her son started teething, she needed help. And so the FreezieTeethie was born. Learn more on the product’s Kickstarter.

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