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10 Easy Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids

From Frozen to Lego, Minions to Minecraft, professional-looking birthday party cakes you can bake on your own!

Published on: February 20, 2015

You can do it! 

Tired of spending the big bucks for a bakery birthday cake? Do you drool over those elaborate cakes on Pinterest and assume you could never pull those off? We’re here to tell you that you can do it! Check out these ten easy birthday cake ideas, from Minions to a candy-filled pinata cake. You’ll see that you can create a masterpiece — as long as you follow these bloggers' instructions.

Photo Credit: Bacon Time with the Hungry Hypo

Minion madness

Who doesn’t love Minions? Check out the blog post from Bacon Time With The Hungry Hypo for a super easy Minion cake. She uses boxed cake mix, ready-made frosting, food color and a canning ring to create that cute face. And bonus, she even shows you how to mix black and brown using the four standard colors of food coloring!

Photo Credit: Modern Parents, Messy Kids


Do you bake, well, less-than-pretty cakes? Do your cakes sometimes bake unevenly, or do chunks of crumbs come off onto the knife as you frost? Then this is the cake for you! Over at the blog Modern Parents, Messy Kids, they created this construction zone by deliberately wrecking a cake. They used a Costco chocolate version, but you could bake your own from a mix and add chocolate shavings or crumbled chocolate cookies for dirt. 

Photo Credit: Mamabzzz

For the Minecraft mind

This grass block cake is sure to impress any Minecraft fan! Boxed cake mix baked in square pans create this beauty! Mamabzzz used a Wilton grass tip for the grass frosting, but we think coconut flakes tinted with green food color would make tasty grass as well. Check out the blog for complete instructions and her secret for that “dirt” frosting. 

Photo Credit: You, Me and B

Dazzling Death Star

This cake looks really difficult, but it isn’t! Jess over at the You, Me and B blog made this from two cakes baked in a Wilton Ball cake pan. If you don’t have one of those on hand, we’ve had luck creating round cakes by using glass mixing bowls as pans. Check out the blog for the details, including how she crafted that cool laser!

Photo Credit: FunFindsforFamilies

Oreo Olaf

This snowman cake was assembled from just one boxed cake mix baked in two round layer pans. The blog’s author recommends baking the cakes the day before and then freezing the layers before adding the Oreo, frosting and licorice details. Check out the post at Funfindsforfamilies for instructions if you wanna build a snowman!


Photo Credit: Pinkwhen

For the Lego lover

This Lego Block cake is sure to wow the birthday guests, especially when they see the colorful interior! Pinkwhen blog’s author created this multicolored masterpiece by using a Wilton Checkerboard cake pan, food coloring and boxed cake mix. Check out the link to see how it is done, especially her fondant Legos!  

Photo Credit: Handmade Charlotte

'Peace' of cake

Rachel at the HandmadeCharlotte blog jokes that this might not look like a “piece of cake” to make, but it is! A large cookie cutter is used for the peace sign, but any shape cutter will work (think about using numbers, or the first letter of the birthday kiddo’s name). The blog post gives excellent instructions and even links for purchasing large cookie cutters. Peace out!

Photo Credit: Sunshine and a Summer Breeze

Amazing Avengers

Michelle from the blog Sunshine and a Summer Breeze made this Avengers cake from a coloring page! And it's easier than it looks. This method can be used to create a detailed picture of any character or scene by “tracing” a coloring page in frosting onto wax paper. Michelle gives perfectly detailed instructions — check out the post, you have to read it to believe it!

Photo credit: I Should Be Mopping the Floor

Pinata surprize 

What’s better than cake? Why, cake filled with candy, of course! Kristi at the Ishouldbemoppingthefloor blog made this gorgeous chocolate cake filled with M&Ms. This is as easy as baking a cake, cutting out a piece, filling and frosting. Just think of the possibilities! But be sure to check out Kristi’s post first to see how it’s done.


Photo Credit: Iron Whisk 

Terrific Tardis

Canadian food blogger Ilan created an out-of-this-world Tardis cake. OK, so this one isn’t easy, but Ilan includes in the post a document with measurements and printouts to help you along. The iconic Police Box is built with a sheet cake cut into squares and stacked up. The blue exterior is crafted from blue tinted modeling chocolate, but blue fondant would work as well. Anything for your favorite Whovian, right? Find instructions at the Iron Whisk blog

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