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Everything You Need to Create a Better Learning Environment at Home

Tech tools, organizational supplies and more for your remote learning space

Published on: August 27, 2020

Everything You Need to Create a Better Learning Environment at Home

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Headphones to reduce distraction

Unless you want to overhear every class and possibly learn ABCs or algebra all over again, you might want to invest in sturdy headphones or wireless earbuds for your student. In addition to streaming instruction into your student’s ears (not yours), they can prevent vertigo caused by the cacophony of multiple kids’ dueling Team classes. Bonus: When headphones aren’t in use for school, you can borrow them to listen to your favorite audiobooks or podcasts.

Tablets for interacting

Where would we be nowadays without tablets? Besides, of course, on our phones. If you need a lower-cost alternative to a laptop or desktop computer, a tablet can be the way to go. Even Amazon Fires currently boast cameras for interacting with online classes. You can get more extravagant with Androids, iPads or tablet/keyboard combinations that will facilitate kids’ ability to attend classes and complete their work on the same device.

Selfie light and phone holder for middle and high schoolers

Older kids who care about things like flattering lighting while connecting to classes and study groups via their phones will love this sturdy two-headed, three-setting light. It can be clipped onto a desk or a shelf and plugged into USB power. The gooseneck stalks are wildly positionable for hands-free learning and chatting.

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