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Fashion trend for 2011: the 'Suri Cruise' effect

Published on: December 30, 2013

200808_suri-cruise-adorableAnother year is nearly safely in the rear-view, and I know what you're thinking: How will I keep my children looking stylish in 2011? Good news! The fashion forecasters are weighing in on what will be hip and happenin' in the kiddie clothing in the coming year.

Kit out your kittens in "practical luxury" - that's when kids get to 14453ewear designer labels, scaled down to their tiny little bodies (but with un-scaled-down pricetags). For this, we can thank Suri Cruise, that adorable moppet that knows how to rock a pair of kitten heels!

If "elegance" doesn't cut it for your little Elmo, why not do a 180 in 2011 and go "eco," a not-seeming-very-new trend of using all sustainable materials like bamboo and organic cotton?

Other trends for the new year? Fashionistas say 80's rocker style will make a comeback (Def Leppard!) - but only if we let it.

My fave fashion "trend" for 2011: (let's call it "eco-crisis chic") hand-me-downs and gently-used! But hey - that's a story in our February issue...coming soon!

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