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Freebie: Family photo critiques on Facebook

Published on: December 30, 2013

photgraph_your_babySo you keep screwing up pictures of your kid -- they're too dark, too blurry, you keep framing the shot wrong and ending up with cut-off feet or foreheads.

Photographer Nick Kelsh ("Oprah!" guest and author/photographer of Naked Babies with Anna Quindlen, How to Photograph Your Baby and other books) is here to help.

Visit the "How to Photograph Your Baby" page on Facebook and post a pic on the wall, and Kelsh will get back to you with free feedback on improving your images.

Read through the posts and comments, and you'll glean some good, basic information on shutter speeds, cropping photos and framing shots, delivered with humor:

It's dawning on me that the quality of the work you folks are sending is so high that all I'm left with is lavishing praise. I'll just have to reach deep inside myself and say some really negative stuff.

The downside: You'll have to post pictures of your kids in a public forum.

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