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FUN giveaway: Gottman and Okee Dokee Brothers tix, Colgate goodies

Published on: December 30, 2013

To enter any of these giveaways: 1. Email us (; don't comment here cuz that's not the way to win! 2. Make sure you're an e-news subscriber. 3. That's it!

On to the goods:

1.  Looking for the Sleeping Lady Resort giveaway? Sign up for ParentMap Honey and you'll be entered for a fabuloso family stay at the Sleeping Lady in Leavenworth. No need to do anything else!

2. Gottman tix! If you've never heard Dr. John Gottman speak, you oughta. He's self-deprecatingly funny and has great things to say about kids and emotional intelligence.  In fact, that's the first lecture of our 2011 Lecture Series, kicking off March 2 at Washington Cathedral in Redmond. To enter, email us and put "gottman" in the subject line.

3. Old-time band The Okee Dokee Brothers plays Town Hall Seattle on Feb. 26, 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. We've got 5 pairs of tix to give away to each show -- email us and put "okeedokee" in the subject line! If you're interested in a particular show, make sure to let the Giveaway Queen know in the body of the email.

4. Colgate's sent us some new schwag to pass on to you. We have: (1) one Dora extra-soft toothbrush and Dora mild bubble fruit-flavored toothpaste, and (2) a SpongeBob extra-soft power toothbrush and SpongeBob mild bubble fruit-flavored toothpaste. (Whew.) To enter, email us and put "Colgate Dora" or "Colgate SpongeBob" in the subject line.

Good luck!

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