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Giveaway: 'Planning Perfect Parties'

Published on: May 01, 2014

Planning Perfecte PartiesLooking for a dream gift for your teen girl? Enter to win one of three copies of this must-have party planning book for teens, but be sure to give it to her before her next party.

Written by Jen Jones Donatelli, who has also written 10 Things You Need to Know About Throwing Parties. the book is a must-have girls’ guide to unforgettable events. It's packed with fantastic themes (from a 'stache bash to a Japanese anime party to  Mardi Gras event), shopping lists, tips on etiquette, food, drink and decoration inspiration, and many tips on planning (heck, if even a bit of this transferred to homework, you'd be golden).

How to enter to win Planning the Perfect Parties

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