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Good times with eggs

Published on: December 30, 2013

I have been excited for this blog to get started because I really want to share a super fun egg hunt idea with all of you and time is running out since Easter is just around the corner! One of my neighbor friends originally got the idea from an article in Family Fun magazine several years ago and we have since made it our own.

Here’s the deal. We live in one of those new development communities and there are 60 homes in our neighborhood. Me and a couple other moms fill hundreds of eggs with candy and little toys then deliver bag fulls of them to the 20-ish homes that participate by hiding eggs in their front yard.

The kids know that they can hunt in the yards with the inflatable bunnies.

We start out with some simple crafts (I always make sure to have a supply of plain paper bags for kids to decorate in case they don’t come with their own basket or bag) while all the kids are arriving. Then off they all go. It’s a blast!

Last year we had around 25 kids and this year I bet we’ll have even more. After the kids have hunted around the neighborhood they all enjoy checking out their loot and they dump all their emptied eggs in one huge box so that we can re-use them next year. We have simple snacks and drinks out for all to enjoy also.

Go for it—why don’t you try to put together an egg hunt in your neighborhood and let us know how it goes! I’m sure it’ll become a much anticipated tradition for your kids like it has become for mine.

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