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Halloween Costume Contest Winners!

Congratulations to our Flickr group users drexeldeb and lovefromtheNW for their winning Halloween costume contest entries! Both winners will receive a special "Oceans" gift pack, complete with a National Geographic DVD and a beautiful hardback companion book.

We literally drew names out of a hat and these two photos (shown below) came out on top. Thank you again to everyone who participated, we will be featuring more of the costumes on our website or readers can find them posted in our Flickr group. Also, stay tuned for more holiday photo contests -- and fabulous prizes! -- later this month.

From ParentMap Flickr group user drexeldeb:

The newest James Bond prowls for spies while out trick-or-treating!

From ParentMap Flickr group user lovefromtheNW:

 The (Frog) Princess and the Pea -- absolutely adorable!

We hope everyone had a safe and fantastic Halloween this year!

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