ParentMap, February 2010 Issue

Published on: February 21, 2010

  Math and science smart   

Smarty pants!

Lookit you, all up to speed on the latest in early learning and brain research! Or...maybe not? No worries; our education editor Linda Morgan lives and breathes edu-news. You could say she wrote the book on it - because she did!

This month, learn the latest on two big topics: teaching math and a love of science to kids.

Then, deep six the drive-thru with great ideas for meals on, a potty-training primer, and a look at tv-free sick days.

And, some encouragement for parents coping with ADHD kids, courtesy of Dr. Laura Kastner.

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About this issue: Love and chocolate

Haagen-Daz Reserve Fleur de Sel Caramel I was thinking about the thousands of families (mine included!) that have received indispensible guidance and a few great belly laughs from Dr. John Gottman’s marriage and parenting talks as I bit into yet another scrumptious dark chocolate Häagen-Daz Reserve bar. Grab your Valentine for an ice cream bar, then get your tickets to one of his sure-fire sell-out shows, I say. Chocolate & Gottman are two of life’s great gifts — each enhances our happiness in a special way! (ParentMap’s lecture series).

Gottman’s talk “Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child” kicks off the seventh year of our popular Pathways lecture series on March 3, followed by wildly admired, brilliant and entertaining Getting to Calm co-author (and ParentMap blogger) Dr. Laura Kastner. Watching hundreds of parents of tweens and teens practically glowing with knowledge after hearing Dr. Kastner’s wisdom makes our jobs that much more fun. There is something for every parent in this year’s series, with “Brain Rules” (Dr. John Medina), “Sexy Too Soon?” and “Mindset: Positive Skills for Powerful Kids” (Dr. Carol Dweck) on the schedule.

My life changed a bit (again!) in July 2006 when I read our award-winning education editor Linda Morgan’s insightful article “Understanding Your Child’s Temperament.” Late learner I may be, but it crystallized the concept that how we react to our children’s behavior and temperament greatly influence their developing personalities. We owe Linda a lot, given that her monthly Getting School Ready column inspired ParentMap to launch our now-growing book division. We are honored to announce that Beyond Smart: Boosting Your Child’s Social, Emotional, and Academic Potential is now available. Our feature excerpts two key chapters — we just couldn’t choose! Already, the book has received humbling praise from high places: “. . . engaging, brimming with insight, and immensely useful . . . I highly recommend it,” says best-selling parenting expert Michael Gurian. And I adore the comment from Joan Cole Duffell, executive director of Committee for Children: “My advice to readers: DO try this at home!”

Why not give a little culture — and quality time together — to your honey and kids this Valentine’s day? The arts are positively exploding this spring; you’re “not it” if you miss The Not-Its, a local kindie faves that earn this rave from our brilliant Out & About editor Kris Collingridge: “You’ll be dancing in your seats!”

Let’s show a little extra love this Valentine’s Day month — or at least, eat a few more chocolates!

— Alayne Sulkin, Publisher/Editor

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