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Is the new Dora too sexy?

Published on: December 30, 2013

OK, by now you may have heard the uproar about Dora the Explorer's middle-school makeover. In an epic marketing backfire, Nickelodeon first released a sillouhette of the new Dora, hoping to tantalize us all into looking away from our 401K statements long enough to care.

Loads o'moms and dads really did care, and got pretty wound up about this shadow chick, who appears to be wearing a mini-skirt while tossing back her windblown hair.

To quell the rising outrage, Nik is now giving us all a look at their new little 'tween explorer. She ain't no Nancy Drew! But I am confused by all the hubbub that persists over her new image.

It's not a matter of grieving the loss of the old Dora; she isn't going anywhere. This is a new product that will exist on toy shelves and in computers (the tween Dora doll connects to your USB port for online games).

So, please enlighten me: Do you think the new Dora is too sexy? Objectionable for other reasons? Or does she just look like a cute middle-school girl? I'd love your opinion. Comment here - or vote in our poll (below, left).

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