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Seattle April Fools' Day fun

Published on: December 30, 2013

lol_cat_travel_bookAfter hearing about Ivar's funny April Fools' Day spoof that caught The Stranger off guard earlier this morning, I wondered who else in Seattle was trying to get the best of us today with their April Fools' Day antics.

The Seattle P.I. highlights a fun roundup of Seattle April Fools' Day gags that have already been making the "news" rounds this morning.

Did you hear on the radio this morning that Pike Place Market is being torn down and moved to Pioneer Square? Not true! Though there was quite the emotional public backlash over this one, Pike Place Market is in fact staying put and not moving, or being torn down. Like we'd go quietly on that one!

The Seattle Public Library also gave us a good laugh this morning as they tweeted, "The Seattle Public Library is testing state-of-the-art waterproof book technology to make it easier to read in the rain.” But wouldn't that be nice! (Especially today.)

And certainly not to be missed is the Lonely Planet's "new" travel book collection, based on  the Seattle Cheezburger Network's famously funny LOLCats. On this "new" line of guide books (shown), Lonely Planet writes, "...we are pleased to announce that, starting today, we’re launching a new line of guides in LolCat. “We iz komitted to the kittehz and kitteh-lufin travelrz”, said a Lonely Planet spokesperson. “We lovez teh world. Kittehs want to conquer it. Iz a perfect match."

Tee hee! Check out the Seattle P.I. for more in fun April Fools' Day spoofs and again, be very weary of what you read in the news today!

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