Music Review: Ben Rudnick "It's Santa Claus!"

ben-rudnickI’ve been listening to a lot of holiday music the last few weeks… and I have found Ben Rudnick’s new holiday album “It’s Santa Claus!” to be refreshing. Yes, you’ll hear the same lyrics to Christmas songs that you’ve known your whole life, but the musics feels updated and totally danceable. "Jingle Bells", "Let it Snow", "Here Comes Santa Claus" -- the best of the bunch are on this album. This music inspires movement!  Bust out your jingle bells and hold an impromptu dance party in front of your tinsel (um, with the kids of course!). Or, do as I did, and suggest that everyone try to clean up all the legos before “Frosty the Snowman” is over. It works! All ages.
Best time to listen: when the house feels sparkly and everyone has had a couple of candy canes

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